Where Sticky Notes Meet Strategy: Introducing Whiteboards

Group work. Some enjoy it. Others not so much. No matter where you are on the how-I-feel-about-group-work-spectrum, we’ve got things to do, big dreams to pursue, and we must find ways to work better together. We believe OKRs are the way.

At the end of every quarter, your team will journey through the familiar steps of OKR planning.

The Beginning 

Huddle together armed with sticky notes and pens in your offices. If you’re working from home, you’ll share screens as someone “drives the conversation,” and you collaborate online. From time to time, someone will chime in with the usual, “You’re on mute.” 😅

The Middle 

Reflect on your OKRs. Pull in data, reference your organization’s OKRs, top-level initiatives, and brainstorm what you’ll do to support. Ah, how strategy is the familiar blanket we wrap ourselves in when embarking on a new quarter with new goals.

The End (Almost) 

Once you’re satisfied with the outcome of your OKR planning and think you’re done… you’ll undoubtedly realize you’re not. Some poor soul has the extra fun task of moving your OKR and plan from wherever your team worked to the “official” system of record.

To be clear, there is nothing wrong with any of this. It’s fine . But, there is a better way. 

Today, we’re excited to announce Whiteboards, the solution to ideas lost in transition. Whiteboards are where strategy execution becomes real.

Here are 4 highlights 🤩 on how Whiteboards can help:

🙅🏻‍♀️ No more copying OKRs from place to place

⏬ Import existing OKRs to set the context for workshops

💬 Collaborate on ideas in an unconstrained safe space

⏫ Publish OKRs directly from a Whiteboard to any session


Whiteboards focus on three major areas:

Equipping every team and individual with the context they need to draft strong, well-informed OKRs that align with top-level OKRs

– Providing an unconstrained safe space to collaborate — transform unstructured ideas into powerful stories and plans

Reducing friction from creation to execution , leaving no idea behind

Equipping every team and individual with the context they need

When you’re planning a retrospective or drafting OKRs for the next cycle, import existing OKRs into your Whiteboard, so everyone has context.

Outline areas you want to discuss with clear visuals.

Unconstrained safe space to collaborate

Set specific permissions and invite collaborators without sacrificing security.

Make impactful points by adding labels, text fields, and sticky notes.

Reducing friction from creation to execution

Overcome the blank page problem with ready-made templates and still enjoy the freedom to create.

Sticky notes become OKRs with a single click.

Publish OKRs directly from a Whiteboard into a Session.

Learn how to work with Whiteboards here .


Make your dream work

We’re grateful to be a part of your OKR journey and dedicate ourselves to helping you achieve your mission that matters. If by chance we’re not already acquainted, check us out.

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