Understanding company performance

Vision, value, mission, objectives, results; all abstract concepts in comparison to the tangibles of products, offices, and salaries. Yet the impact of these considerations are so all-encompassing, they are best understood as the intellectual framework that defines the company, in the same way as a channel defines the shape and performance of the water body that flows through it. Without at least part of this framework in place, there can be no products, offices, and salaries. When all these considerations are well defined, the stage is set for outstanding company performance.

However, established management methodologies tend to focus on just that, management, conventional top-down, command & control, carrot & stick.

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) came along and changed all of that. Suddenly we had a methodology that emphasized a new organising principle at the heart of many companies, including our own; empowering and aligning everyone around common values and purpose; a bold revival of faith in the enormous potential of people, rather than a dreary emphasis on hierarchy (command) and cultural engineering (control).

In so doing, OKRs promised the Holy Grail of achieving the kind of engagement and personal fulfilment for employees that make ‘comfort factors’ redundant, and challenges of ‘motivation’ a thing of the past.

Decades after its inception, the OKR methodology is now thoroughly tried, tested, and associated with numerous notable success stories. The exponential growth enjoyed by a host of high-profile companies including Intel, Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo!, to name only a few, all attest to the efficacy of OKRs.

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

At Gtmhub

At Gtmhub we had been developing a software tool combining goal management and state-of-the-art data integration to support human decision-making. With our own emphasis on encouraging and aligning creativity, it was immediately clear to us that OKRs was the methodology we ourselves wanted to adopt, and the methodology we wanted our tool to support.

Break from the past

Our product road map does not include functionality to support the various fronts of behaviorism in the workplace; from gamification to the emphasis on culture as soft control. In our view such notions, in spite of being orthodox and pervasive, are antithetical to OKRs. The OKR methodology brings with it a new optimism and is clearly an antidote to these pessimistic and pavlovian dead ends.


We take the view OKRs represent nothing less than an opportunity to adopt a now proven, alternative philosophy of how to go about turning the needle of company performance; one grounded in a belief in the potential of people, followed by emphasis on autonomy, devolved decision-making, self-determination, creativity, and bringing it all together around a clarity of company vision, values, and mission. These are the fronts our product development roadmap will explore and facilitate for our users.


Gtmhub is a team-orientated company in which contribution, trust, quality, creativity, and achieving customer satisfaction are highly valued. Between us we cover very different focus areas. We represent every post baby-boomer generation. We are spread across the globe in locations as far flung from each other as the UK, Bulgaria, India and Japan, and half of us work from home.

Yet, the OKR methodology ensures none of these factors have any impact on our ability to organise around a common purpose to great effect. OKRs have even allowed us to tear up the rule book on conventional job roles to achieve a perfect alignment between our contributions and the needs of the business.

We genuinely believe our Mission is helping other companies do the same.

Meet the team

Ivan Osmak

CEO, co-founder
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Two main objectives are setting up company vision of how businesses will achieve their goals in future and assembling an extraordinary team of people to deliver on that vision. Equally important is to be the customer-in-residence, making sure all of our customers have a voice within a fast growing, sometimes hectic, company such as Gtmhub.

Radoslav Georgiev

CTO, co-founder
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Primary objective is translating company’s vision and mission into the Gtmhub platform. Additional objectives: Leading and mentoring our engineering organization so that it can deliver a product that stands behind its value proposition.

Bo Pedersen

Chief Revenue Officer
Location: London, United Kingdom

Objectives include attracting partners and customers, keeping them happy, and defining the value proposition, and business model for Gtmhub. My personal goal with Gtmhub is to prove that personal happiness and professional achievement are compatible, and to replicate this experience for all our customers and their employees.

Momchil Mitev

VP Software Engineering
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Main objective is to sort out the daily technical challenges and make sure our teams succeeds in delivering the best technical solutions for our clients.

Damyan Bogoev

Software Developer
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Main objective is developing the Gtmhub data story and delivering on the Gtmhub’s unique ability to update key results dynamically from existing business systems.

Petar Petkov

Software Developer
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Objective is ensuring flawless functioning of Gtmhub’s cloud platform and microservice ecosystem to deliver value to our customers.

Zlatina Simova

Front-end Developer
Location: Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Main objectives include providing exceptional user experience on Gtmhub web assets and applications.

Radostina Chokova

Customer Success Manager
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Helping customers achieve focus, transparency and alignment with OKRs and Gtmhub.

Alexandra Valkova

Mobile Developer
Location: Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Main objective is to provide users with access to company strategy and execution data on the go, regardless of the device.

Jordan Angelov

Pixel engineer, co-founder
Location: Tokyo, Japan

Primary objective: To provide common sense user interface, turn code into perfectly stitched pixels, so our customer won’t ever wonder where to find what. Secondary objective: To give the company’s brand design a meaning and purpose, representing its mission and vision in every way.

Contact us

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