Plan OKRs, power them with Business Intelligence.

Set OKRs across your organization to align the strategy and operations, to execute your vision. Gtmhub is the only service that connects your business systems and automates the progress of updating the key results on your objectives. Additionally, your data transforms to beautiful insights giving everyone transparent overview of the execution.

OKRs in GtmhubTeam alignment with OKRsOKRs powered by many data sourcesInsights powering OKRs
  • Set the OKRs

    Best OKRs management platform

  • Align the workforce

    Let everyone work in the same direction

  • Tie data to your metrics

    No daily checkins or status reports

  • Get business insights

    Transperanct across the company

By integrating all the business systems and updating OKRs automatically, Gtmhub was the perfect solution. It was a no-brainer.
Alejandro Artacho
CEO and Founder, Spotahome
In teaming up with Gtmhub, we’ll be able to much more easily track and quantify each of these actionable points in a central system. This is just one example of how modern technology can be applied to tried and true systems to make them even better – something that resonates with every tech founder
David Goldberg
Co-founder and CEO

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