What should you NOT do today?

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) can help.

Adopt & Deploy

Best Practices

Intuitive UI, OKRs Marketplace, Ownership Settings, Confidence Labels

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Best Practices

Approval Workflow, Comments & Mentions, Objective Structure Configuration

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Plan & Act

From Goals
to Results

Tasks, Kanban Board, Jira Issues, Task Automation

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Track & Adjust

Course Correct in Real-time

Dynamic Key Results, Slack, MS Teams, Auto Reminders, Mobile Apps

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Achieve Escape Velocity

Alignment Tree, Performance Reports, Delta Reports, Time-machine

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Better. Bigger. Bigger & Better.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Bulk Operations, 3rd-party Custom Integrations, API

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Societe Generale

Gtmhub helps Societe Generale to deliver on the OKRs superpowers — focus, alignment, commitments and transparency.

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Maths Pathway

Gtmhub was the only tool we could find that was laser-focused on effective OKR completion.

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Photon Group

"Get Gtmhub!", says Bruno Ahualli, CEO and Big Dreamer at Photon Group, a pioneering organization with much success behind them and even more in front of them.

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