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By integrating all the business systems and updating OKRs automatically, Gtmhub was the perfect solution. It was a no-brainer.
Alejandro Artacho
CEO and Founder, Spotahome


Simpler than spreadsheets

If you are just starting with OKRs, you want to keep it simple. Our simplistic approach let’s you focus on objectives, not our software.

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A clear direction for everyone

One single place for everyone to see what's needs to be done and what's being done.

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See how effort comes together

A simple, single view to see how efforts of everyone come together to achieve business goals.

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Supercharge individual & team performance

Real time reports on the organization, team and personal performance. Give credit where due and feedback where needed.

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Live Key Results from your systems

Save time and remove friction by automating key results from the systems and databases you are already using. Databases, CRMs, SaaS applications...

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Not just software

Not sure where to start with OKRs? We provide you with kick-off sessions, OKR audits and process reports.

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