OKR management software for high-performing businesses.

Gtmhub provides a solution for managing organizational goals, OKRs and KPIs. Our customers come for beautiful UX and they stay for powerful data.

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Be aligned.

To be competitive, businesses need to be laser focused. Aligning goals of individuals with those of the business, ensures resources and efforts are being applied to the most important initiatives.

Be effective.

To be able to create, deliver and capture value, businesses must be agile. To do that, it is important that, both, problems and achievements are recognized as early as possible. A short feedback loop between strategy and execution is essential for agility of a business.

Be attractive.

Successful businesses are able to attract and retain top talent. These businesses recognize individual achievements, set clearly defined goals, and give employees opportunities for growth. Ultimately, people in these organizations have strong sense of purpose.

What makes us special?

Data at the center

At the center of Gtmhub is a powerful data platform, connecting your existing business systems and data sources with the goals.

Partner, not a vendor

Gtmhub is not just a software vendor, but your partner in success. Together with you, we design your OKRs process, educate your team and stay with you quarter to quarter, making sure you achieve your objectives.

Rapid ramp-up

Adopting OKRs can look deceptively simple. We have helped dozens of organizations of different sizes go through this process. Together with our partners, we offer you extensive experience and deep understanding of the process to rapidly onboard your organization on OKRs.

By integrating all the business systems and updating OKRs automatically, Gtmhub was the perfect solution. It was a no-brainer.
Alejandro Artacho
In teaming up with Gtmhub, we’ll be able to much more easily track and quantify each of these actionable points in a central system. This is just one example of how modern technology can be applied to tried and true systems to make them even better – something that resonates with every tech founder.
David Goldberg
We’ve been one of the early clients of Gtmhub and very soon we’ve realized the endless potential of the platform. During this time, we’ve built up an enviable amount of expertise around Gtmhub platform and saw it as a natural next step to help other businesses do the same.
Georgi Sokolov

OKRs in a pre-product market fit startup

Increase revenue. That is by far the most popular objective on our trial accounts. And, can you blame people. It is raison d’être for having a business. Yes, yes… make the world better place, impact – I know. But, it’s so much easier to make the world a better place when one is a billionaire.

Single most important factor of successful OKRs adoption

I’d love to tell you that getting the right OKRs software, such as Gtmhub, is the most important thing to ensure successful adoption of OKRs – alas it is not so. Based on hundreds of conversations we had with prospects, customers and businesses using OKRs – we have isolated one...

Facebook just changed its mission statement. Do you even have one?

Mark Zuckerberg has just announced that, after ten years, Facebook is changing its mission statement. The old mission statement “Make the world more open and connected.” has been changed to "Bring the world closer together".

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