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Future Fit Business Benchmark
Using the Future-Fit Business Benchmark for OKR-Based ESG Initiatives
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Spotlight on Technical Success: Amara Cole
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Spotlight on Technical Success: Jake Esau
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OKRs, Steward Leadership and Accountability: Why Take a Pie to the Face
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Best Buy, The Pentagon, and the Case for Autonomy
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Spotlight on Technical Success: Veronika Geneva
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Agile in the Age of COVID: What Groupon Learned From Adopting OKRs
Tracking Agile Workflows - Rally Integration for all customers through the application marketplace.
BYOC Build Your Own Code - An Offline Visual Studio Plugin for Coders
Tracking eNPS as a KPI - SurveySparrow integration for a healthcare software provider
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Gtmhub to sunset Feedback functionality
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How a Former Netflix VP of Product Thinks About Product Leadership
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Gtmhub to sunset Announcements functionality
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Why it's time to take Burnout seriously
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You Should Nuke Your Backlog Every Quarter (For Real)
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Winning the War for Talent in the age of The Great Resignation
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The Problem with the Hybrid Work Model