Mathieu Mazuel
Petzl Global Communication Manager Sport
"We have been using OKRs and GTM Hub for 2 years and it changed the game. The GTM Hub team helped Petzl setting up and optimizing the right OKRs to maximize our marketing impact according to solid objectives. The customer service is very reactive and always ready to solve problems. We started with a few registered employees and we are now using it on a department scale. I can't wait to deploy the solution to the next level, and I'm sure the GTM Hub team will help us succeed again."
Richard Wilson
Chief Visionary
“Gtmhub was the only tool we could find that was laser-focused on effective OKR completion.”
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Bruno Ahualli
CEO and Big Dreamer at Photon Group
"Get Gtmhub!", says Bruno Ahualli, CEO and Big Dreamer at Photon Group, a pioneering organization with much success behind them and even more in front of them.
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Markel Palmstierna
Director of Operations
“OKRs rule! Clear goals are what allows employees to shine.”
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Alejandro Artacho
founder and CEO
“By integrating all the business systems and updating OKRs automatically, Gtmhub was the perfect solution. It was a no-brainer.”
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"Gtmhub gives us the clarity and structure across the entire business to ensure everybody understands what the company is trying to achieve and how all of the teams and individuals are able to contribute to this every day they come into the office."
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Amit Dixit
Co-founder and CTO
"Gtmhub provides a clean and user-friendly solution to adopting OKRs, which has found good acceptance in SEDEMAC team."
Bas Smeulders
COO, co-founder
"Gtmhub is an essential tool for managing our OKRs. It helps us to align each and everyone and make sure we are all heading towards our company goals. By automatically updating our OKRs, we take focus on the right short-term tasks and make sure they lead to growth."
David Goldberg
Founder and CEO
"In teaming up with Gtmhub, we’ll be able to much more easily track and quantify each of these actionable points in a central system. This is just one example of how modern technology can be applied to tried and true systems to make them even better."
Georgi Sokolov
CTO, Prime holding
"We’ve been one of the early clients of Gtmhub and very soon we’ve realized the endless potential of the platform. During this time, we’ve built up an enviable amount of expertise around Gtmhub platform and saw it as a natural next step to help other businesses do the same."
Daniel Braunsdorf
"We have evaluated a lot of OKR management tools, especially looking for a great user experience and visual aids helping to align our goals; Gtmhub was the one that stood out from the mass of competitors.“
Dean Pendley
Head of Technology
“Gtmhub help us to create, refine, understand and achieve our objectives. It allows us to focus on what’s important and to measure where we are with our company goals.“
Damian Maslej
"Gtmhub is the only tool on the market, that enables us to effectively grow our company using OKR methodology."
Dr. Sebastian Herbstreuth
Head of Corporate Coordination and Training Support
"At JOBLINGE, we work very hard to help young people to enter the job market via an apprenticeship or vocational training. Our vision is to leverage resources from the private, civil and public sectors to help level the playing field for vulnerable and marginalized groups in our society. Managing this growth while maintaining quality requires clarity and focus as well as goal alignment across the entire team. That is exactly what Gtmhub and OKRs give us. With Gtmhub we will be able to make a bigger impact on youth unemployment going forward."
Viivi Lähteenoja
Vice Chair of the Interim Board, MyData Global
“MyData Global works for a fair and prosperous digital society for all by promoting the ethical use of personal data. We facilitate a network of stakeholders from the domains of business, legal, tech, and society and support local hubs in 20 countries on six continents. At our core, we’re an impact-driven organization and we feel Gtmhub will help us maximize that impact by enabling efficient goal setting and progress tracking. Together we can make our vision for the future happen and make it right.”
Johannes Lyytikkä
Editor-In-Chief, EBMeDS
"Duodecim is Finland’s largest scientific association. Established in 1881, Duodecim’s membership today comprises more than 20,000 doctors and medical students. We are owned by our members. My team, EBMeDS, is creating cutting edge medical software to help healthcare professionals take better care of their patients and to enable patients to take better care of them selves. We would like to introduce to concept of OKRs to our team and we think that Gtmhub would be a great tool to help us do that."
Ronald Ishak
Managing Partner
"I have a calling to help people reach their full potential and I believe that STEM (specifically engineering) is the fastest way to move people out of poverty. With Gtmhub and implementing OKRs, we hope to build a scalable video delivery platform to provide education access to more people in the remote parts of Indonesia."
Marcos Barros
Coordenador de Controladoria e Finanças
"Missão Sal da Terra is a registered charity that looks after 23 Public Health Centers, 8 Public Schools and several social work projects in Brazil. We have nearly 1,500 people working with us and our work reaches a population of about 300,000 people. We help the poorest people to get decent health care, education and social assistance. Recently we began using OKRs for our strategic and tactical planning, but without the assistance of a platform to enable us to effectively deploy it to the whole organization. We are delighted with the Gtmhub Gives initiative, and excited to be using the best OKRs platform with our teams."
Benny Andersson
"Djurens Rätt is Sweden’s largest animal protection organization, founded in 1882. Our goal is a a world where animals are respected as sentient beings. Djurens Rätt tries to achieve this through public education, political lobbying and corporate outreach. Since animals are exploited in many different areas in our society, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by everything that has to be done for the animals and the environment they live in. Gtmhub will provide Djurens Rätt with the tools that will help Djurens Rätt to use OKRs efficiently to stay focused over time, align the work throughout the organization, and make sure we use our resources best way possible. The last aspect is very important since Djurens Rätt is totally dependent on funding from people who expect us to be an efficient organization in terms of resources spent and results achieved."
Anzhelina Stefanova
Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer and Secretary Board Of Directors at Telelink Business Services
"Gtmhub is a bright company giving lots of value to the companies who are willing to make an effort in their effective and efficient growth. The tool requires thinking-outside-of-the-box and maturity, resulting in focused progress, internal transparency, and engagement among the different departments. Gtmhub brings out the best of its customers."
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