vote and react on whiteboards
How to Use 3 New Engagement Features in Gtmhub
Tracking Agile Workflows - Rally Integration for all customers through the application marketplace.
BYOC Build Your Own Code - An Offline Visual Studio Plugin for Coders
Tracking eNPS as a KPI - SurveySparrow integration for a healthcare software provider
Tracking engineering progress - Jira Roadmap for challenger AdTech brand
Leveraging KPIs - Salesforce integration for middle size software development company
Engagement and usage analysis for a logistics and supply chain business
No more presentations - reports ready for regular review meetings at any time
Analysis of OKR confidence - Custom insights for a multinational bank
Putting Excel to Bed - Progress and Task Management Reports for an Enterprise Software Customer
Sunset announcement man
Gtmhub to sunset Feedback functionality
Sunset announcement man
Gtmhub to sunset Announcements functionality
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Introducing App Integrations on Marketplace: Build Creative Apps for Your Unique Data
Natalia - Technical Success Manager
Chaos Prevention: KPIs, OKRs’ cool sidekick
Gtmhub Technical Success Manager Aidan Hickman
Chaos Prevention: Cadence, Cadence, Cadence
Gtmhub Technical Success Manager Aidan Hickman
What is Technical Success?
Prevent chaos with the OKR 101 Insightboard
Sharing is caring (and conquering) – Introducing new shared OKRs functionality
Introducing Gtmhub Pulse
Continuous feedback with Gtmhub
Browse Badges Screen
Updated Conversations, Announcements, and Badges
Feature release: The Inbox
Where you find what you seek: Introducing enhancements to Gtmhub’s Marketplace and Whiteboard experiences
Gtmhub Q2 2021 Product Roadmap
Measure What Matters in real life – March 2021 Edition
Where Sticky Notes Meet Strategy: Introducing Whiteboards
Measure What Matters in real life Feb 2021 Edition
Monthly Product Roundup and Employee profiles; Improved automations and Gtmhub-cli
Gtmhub Q1 2021 Product Roadmap
Monthly Product Roundup – Tasks on Key Results; Search and Lists of Teams