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Episode 12

Aligning vectors, cage fighting and PM benching

Srikant Vemuri has held leadership roles in overseeing the design and launch of breakthrough products in the B2B, Adtech, and Big Data spaces for industry innovators such as Seerene, Womply, Aarki, and Adchemy. Currently, he's managing product and technology at Frontier Car Group as the CEO of Technology. In this episode, Srikant shares what he's learned during his journey—filled with bruises, scars, blood, tears, and his share of successes. He's got this exciting idea of balancing great product concepts and a CEO's strategy—he calls it the "cage fight." We discuss Product Management benching. He's taken the term from sports and applies it in business. Find out what he thinks PMs should be doing when benched. And we spend quite a bit of time talking about OKRs, and a personal KPI he monitors to gauge his teams' health. He believes this KPI is foundational for OKRs to be successful.

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Episode 11

Jobs to be Done with Alan Klement, Part 2

Alan Klement is known for developing the theories of Jobs to be Done and Market Modernization and inventing new methodologies and methods for engineering growth. His latest venture is Revealed — a market research and growth guidance firm that helps organizations grow, align, and reveal market insights. He's the author of When Coffee and Kale Compete and is writing a sequel called Jobs to be Done: Understanding Needs. Predicting Adoption. This is part two of our conversation. In this episode, we discuss OKRs and Jobs to be Done, the two goals that product people should take into consideration, the importance of a feed forward communication culture, and we get a sneak peek into some concepts and models from Alan's new book. Let's jump in.

Episode 10

Jobs to be Done with Alan Klement, Part 1

Alan Klement is known for developing the theories of Jobs to be Done and Market Modernization and inventing new methodologies and methods for engineering growth. His latest venture is Revealed — a market research and growth guidance firm that helps organizations grow, align, and reveal market insights. He's the author of When Coffee and Kale Compete and is writing a sequel called Jobs to be Done: Understanding Needs. Predicting Adoption. It's due in Summer 2020. My conversation with Alan is broken down into two parts. In this episode, we discuss the Taylorism versus Humanism approach to explaining OKRs and how understanding needs means understanding how they're created, how they grow and shrink, and get eliminated. We cover the "voice of the customer" and its flaws and how Lean startup solves problems that come with the "voice of the customer" approach.

Episode 09

TACOS and OKRs: Values and Frameworks

In this episode, we hear from Scott Shapiro, Principal Product Marketing Manager for B2B/Account Management Customer Experience at Qualtrics. We get an inside look at how it felt when Qualtrics was pre-IPO and everyone thought it was going to happen—but gotcha—it didn't happen. We hear a lot nowadays that things are slowing down due to this global pandemic. Scott shares his findings from research they’ve been doing. They’re seeing an acceleration of what was already happening. Hear what they’ve learned. Qualtrics has a set of principles called TACOS. Find out what that means and how TACOS shape how they operate. We talk about OKRs and how to go from activity to delivering value.

Episode 08

Balancing autonomy and alignment

Joining me today is Rohit Gupta. He is the Head of Product at and leads the Product Management, Product Design and large parts of the Engineering teams. In this episode, we discuss ways his team is staying socially connected during the Coronavirus pandemic, Honeypot’s dream and how his organization is pursuing it, the power of the reverse recruitment model in hiring, and the key learnings Honeypot weaved into their OKRs process to make the methodology work for them.

Episode 07

Sold: the journey from mediocrity to excellence

Dennis Gräf is a Business Strategy Manager at Kolibri Games. Ubisoft acquired his company in January 2020. Kolibri is one of the leaders of the “idle” games genre. One of their most popular games, Idle Miner Tycoon, has been downloaded by more than 104 million players. In this episode, Dennis shares Kolibri’s journey with OKRs. We discuss the transition of everyone working from an office to everyone working from home, how he pulse checked the leadership team and the organization before introducing an OKRs tool, how their OKRs process works and has evolved, and the hard lessons the organization had to learn along the way.

Episode 06

A culture of ownership

Gene Hammett is a leading expert on high-growth company culture and leadership. He has interviewed more than 530 CEOs of high-growth companies to understand the core principles of fast growth. In this episode, we examine what leaders of fast-growth companies have in common and what leaders should anchor to during these challenging times. We discuss what's more important in business, the employees or the customers. In Gene's worldview, accountability is too low a bar. Listen in to hear what he believes we need to strive for instead.

Episode 05

Create high five situations

Joining me is Blake Thomas, the Director of Engineering at NoRedInk. He’s learned a lot while working with engineers for over two decades. On this episode, you’ll hear us chat about the 2 modes of failure, why we experience issues with people updating their OKRs (and what we can do about it), how to prevent “OKR Theatre,” the universal reality of today’s workforce and more.

Episode 04

The continuous improvement mindset

Joining me today is Rob Bayley. Rob is currently a Senior Product Manager at Auvik Networks Inc. Previously, he was a Director of Product at Roadmunk and a Senior Product Manager at NetSuite. He's got a decade of Product Management experience under his belt. On this episode, Rob shares his thoughts on Product Management from the lens of an individual contributor, manager and leader, the dangers of cascading goals, the key to making OKR work, and how to utilize evidence based decision making when you're at a pre-product stage.

Episode 03

Build teams of changemakers

Prar Johnson’s a changemaker who has over 19 years of experience—spent some time shaping products at Nokia, T-Mobile, Skype Microsoft, Soundcloud, Shopify, and now Atlassian. On this episode, you’ll hear her explanation for why product strategy is hard, the time she made a tough call using a consensus-driven approach, what data the Atlassian design team uses to shape their OKRs, how she got involved with the birth of what is now known as Microsoft Teams and more.

Episode 02

Process can drive outcomes

Our guest for Episode 2 is Andrew Wallace. He’s the Managing Director and CPO of SmileBack. Previously, he was the Director of Product Management at Chefs Plate. Chefs Plate was acquired by the German meal kit company, HelloFresh, in 2018. In this episode, you’ll hear Andrew’s thoughts on the importance of knowing and having a shared vision, how Chef’s Plate planned to exit with a certain buyer in mind who ended up not being the buyer in the end, how sometimes a business needs to build unique technology in-house, why simple dreams are good, what Andrew’s learned from his experience at Chefs Plate and transferred to SmileBack and more.

Episode 01

Always take accountability

There are no shortcuts to learning. We learn by doing and failing. We can learn from what others do but, sometimes we need to experience things on our own. In this episode, you’ll hear from Ryan McMinn, Head of Product and current steward of Microsoft OneNote & Sticky Notes. Ryan joined Microsoft in the doldrums between the Department of Justice antitrust days and Satya’s revival. Ryan shares how the company and the way teams approach building product has changed since then.

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