Be proactive, not reactive

Future success depends on knowing what worked, what didn’t, and what to do next. Gtmhub takes it a step further and helps you understand how fast you can get there.

Faster feedback

Compress the feedback loop by having key results and metrics update in real-time to plan your next move quickly and efficiently.

Dynamic updates

Connect with a third-party tool to automatically update KPIs and key results.

Process automation

Easily activate automations that assign a review task when an OKR is behind on progress and more.

Whiteboard retrospectives

Import OKRs to Whiteboards to structure feedback, open discussions, and vote on new ideas.

Optimize resources

Monitor progress and identify areas where resources can be better allocated to drive the right outcomes for the business.

Executive dashboards

Get a complete picture of how OKRs, teams, individuals, and your entire organization are performing.

Filtered Alignment view

Find the information you need quickly and don't waste time asking for progress updates.

Custom lists

Create lightweight reports of objectives, key results, tasks, team members, and more to monitor what you care about easily.

Pivot and focus

Know how desired results compare with reality and ensure you can adapt in a time frame necessary for the pace of modern business.

OKR states

Set an OKR status as achieved or abandoned to provide better transparency on a shift in focus.

Task management

Link tasks to objectives and key results and assign ownership to allow for clear delegation and quick execution.

Custom OKR fields

Mark OKRs with new strategic initiatives and be able to filter by these custom fields throughout Alignment view, Lists, Insightboards, and more.

Strategy execution fit for your business

See how all the components work together

Featured resources for strategy execution

Take strategy execution to the next level