Any data from any source, all in one place

Collect data from anywhere and bring it all into one unified platform.

Gain a holistic view of your organization

Connect your operational data from popular data warehouses and third-party SaaS applications to track key metrics in one place.

Smooth setup

Implement a fast, secure, and simplified setup using no-code data pipelines and connectors.

Seamless integrations

Integrate with data warehouses such as Snowflake, BigQuery, and Redshift.

Quick start

Get started in minutes using pre-defined templates and an in-built SQL editor.

Design and define to your needs

Capture performance in various business areas and get as specific as you need in each. Our platform can be your single source of truth, no matter the metric.

Organizational focus

Pull data from systems specific to sales, marketing, finance, and more.

Data stream creation

Create and track custom data streams through a selection of data sources, operational metrics, and qualitative segments.

Automatic data syncs

Set custom schedules for each data stream and sync data at your preferred cadence, tailored to your organization.

Business observability fit for your enterprise

See how all the components work together

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