Straightforward way to manage OKRs in your organization. Magic included.

Built for OKRs from ground up

Gtmhub has been specifically built to help companies achieve their objectives through OKR methodology. For us, OKRs are not a feature, module, an afterthought. OKRs are what we do. Gtmhub handles the mechanics, so you can focus on your objectives.

Visualize key results from your IT systems

You already have all kinds of metrics in the IT systems. We make it simple to pick the ones you want to use as key results in beautiful InsightBoards.

Remove friction with Data-driven OKRs

Your team has better things to do then to find, calculate and check-in key results once per week. Data-driven OKRs provide fire and forget key results - you work on achieving your objective and we’ll take care of updating your key results in real time.

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