Win the Game of OKRs

1. Adopt & Deploy 2. Optimize 3. Plan & Act 4. Track & Adjust 5. Exploit 6. Scale
“Gtmhub is a fantastic, flexible solution that drives our Drivewyze OKRs culture. The company has excellent customer success from a team that really understands how to measure what matters!” ”
Leo Jolicoeur
COO at Drivewyze

How to Run an OKRs Pilot

Your team has decided to adopt OKRs, and you drew the short straw to make it happen? After helping over 300 organizations do the same, we’ve put together the best practices in one short and to do point e-book.

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Achieve Escape Velocity

Unify Everyone

Maintain organizational congruency via Alignment-Tree.

Amplify Execution

Understand company-wide progress with real-time reports

Compound Momentum

Accelerate growth by feeding success and starving failure using Time-Machine reports

“Gtmhub is the most flexible, data-driven solution for managing OKRs. Our partners on the customer success team combined with Gtmhub’s data integrations and customizable insights translate to winning solutions. Gtmhub’s results-orientated approach seamlessly integrates with VideoAmp’s own high-performance culture. By scaling their solution internally, our teams have benefited from increased transparency, alignment, and collaboration, helping us crush our goal of transforming the advertising industry.” ”
Lisa Fitch
Business Operations Lead at VideoAmp

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24/7 Support

Always there for you: Phone, Email, Chat and Zoom 1 hour response time and 4 hour resolution time for critical issues

Enterprise Security

Making your IT department happy: Two-factor Authentication, Customized Identification Management, Dedicated Encryption Keys

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Seamless onboarding and user management with Azure AD, Active Directory/LDAP, Okta, GSuite, PingFederate or any standards compliant SAMLP or OpenID Connect Identity Provider

99.9% Uptime SLA

Always up: guaranteed availability of 99.9% measured monthly

Granular Permissions

Control and compliance: Restrict access to individual users or groups of users

On-premise Deployment

Your own Gtmhub: For highly regulated organizations, Gtmhub also provides options of on-premise deployments

“I think Gtmhub is a great example of a company doing customer success really well. Our initial interactions with Gtmhub as part of the sales process were great and then you’ve carried that on as we use the product to keep giving us information and get more value out of the product. I can also see you’re really well supported with processes, tools, other experts and product development.” ”
Justin Higgins
Chief Information Officer, Squiz