Automate your OKRs

Where KPIs meet OKRs.

Gtmhub is the only OKRs software which can pull data from over 100 business systems and automatically update your OKRs. Don't get bogged down in bureaucracy - work on what's important.

How it works?

Connect to a data source
Connect to Salesforce datasource
Find metric
Pick a metric from an Insightboard
Attach it as a key result
Attach metric to an objective and convert it to a key result by setting the target
End result
The progress on your key result will now be automatically update in real-time

What connectors are supported?

At the moment Gtmhub supports over 100 connectors. The true power of Gtmhub, however, is ability to deliver a new connector in 3 days. If we don't have it and you need it - we'll have it.

Popular connectors

How about custom metrics?

You can build your own metrics in Gtmhub, using built-in metric editor. At the moment Gtmhub supports SQL and R, with Python coming soon.

If you don't have data scientists on your team, we or our partners can provide those services for you.

Ready to become truly data-driven?