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"Gtmhub is an essential tool for managing our OKRs. It helps us to align each and everyone and make sure we are all heading towards our company goals. By automatically updating our OKRs, we take focus on the right short-term tasks and make sure they lead to growth".
Bas Smeulders, SendCloud
Bas Smeulders
COO, co-founder

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try Gtmhub for free?
Of course! Your first 7 days are free. If you love it (and we think you will), you can continue using Gtmhub simply by updating your billing details in your profile.
How are users counted towards billing?
You can add and remove users as your team changes. At the end of each monthly billing cycle, you will be billed for the following month's subscription based on the exact number of Gtmhub users you have. For annual plans, if you add users to your account, you will be billed at the end of the next month for the additional number of active users in your account for the previous month on the annual subscription rates.
What payment options do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express) and PayPal. For annual subscriptions with over 50 users, we can also issue an invoice payable by bank transfer. Please get in touch with [email protected] to discuss.
What is Gtmhub's cancellation policy?
To cancel your subscription and avoid future charges, cancel prior to your next billing period. Your subscription will run its term but will not be renewed at the next billing period. Please note that we do not give partial period refunds.
What happens if someone on the team leaves?
If you have purchased a Gtmhub for someone on your team and that person departs, you will have a seat in your license pool that you can allocate to someone else.
Do you offer special pricing for nonprofit organizations?
Yes we do! Go to Gtmhub Gives to learn more.