OKRs are an ocean - not an island

When executed well, OKRs inform every single decision in an organization. To be able to do that, they need to provide the necessary context in places where people tend to spend their time.

OKRs in Jira

Attach your Jira epics, stories, tasks and bugs to Gtmhub OKRs - without living Jira. On the other side - see all the Jira items and their current status in Gtmhub.

Slack & Workplace by Facebook

Post updates such as new objectives or updated key results in Slack channels or Workplace by Facebook groups. Raise issues timely and give credit where credit is due.

Single sign-on

Convenience and security don't often go hand in hand. In this case, Gtmhub allows you to connect Google Directory, Microsoft Active Directory, Office 365 or Okta to provide your users with single sign-on. Ability to link multiple profiles also allows users to use their social profiles, such as Facebook or Google.

Integrate OKRs in your business!