Gtmhub is the world's only truly data-driven OKRs and performance management platform

Measure what matters and improve what counts. Connect over 160+ business systems, from Jira to Slack, with just a few clicks. Or integrate your Gtmhub instance into existing systems with our REST API. It's all possible.


OKRs Automation

Spend less time OKR-ing and ease the burden of reporting. Connect your existing business systems to update the progress of your Key Results automatically.

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Task Automation

Associate your OKRs with your daily efforts to relate the “why” of your work. Link Jira issues with Gtmhub OKRs and track their progress in both systems.

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View, share, and update your OKRs directly inside Slack and MS Teams. Easily collaborate with your teammates and instantaneously align on your goals, tasks, and results in real-time.

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Single Sign-On (SSO)

Maximize the efficiency and accuracy of your provisioning process. Gtmhub supports Azure Active Directory, GSuite, Okta, and all other SAML 2.0 or OpenID Connect compliant identity providers.

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Gtmhub API

Create scalable automation workflows, manage and analyze all of your Gtmhub data, and connect Gtmhub to other tools through Zapier with our fully exposed REST API.

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Gtmhub Technical Support Services

From connecting internal databases to building new data connectors to creating a truly customized OKRs experience, it's all possible with Gtmhub. Click below to learn more about how Gtmhub's Technical Support Services can help you manage your OKRs at expert level.

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