Export OKRs to Excel

There are occasions when one needs to share the progress on OKRs outside of Gtmhub. It could be a meeting in a conference room, email to an investor or another stakeholder.

To assist our users with this use case, we’ve introduced the ability to export OKRs to Excel (or spreadsheet format, to be more precise).

Exporting filtered OKRs

You can now export any filtered list of OKRs to excel. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Log in to Gtmhub
  • Navigate to OKRs tab
  • Click on the Grid Options button
  • Click on the Export to Excel button
Exporting OKRs to spreadsheets
Exporting OKRs to spreadsheets

Keep in mind that export will take into account any filters you’ve applied. So, for example, if you are displaying only OKRs with tags “sales” and “product”, only those OKRs will be exported.

Exporting team OKRs to spreadsheets

In addition to exporting filtered OKRs, we’ve made it easy to export OKRs for any given team.

  • Navigate to People section
  • Select Teams tab
  • Select the team for which you wish to export OKRs
  • Click on the More options button
  • Click on the Export to Excel button
Team OKRs to spreadsheet
Team OKRs to spreadsheet

Of course, if you are not using Excel – you can just as easily upload this file to Google Sheets.


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