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March 27, 2020
As promised, we have brought Insights to the Gtmhub Marketplace! Hooray! You are now able to install exemplary pre-configured Insights and directly connect them to your OKRs with just a few simple steps.
March 23, 2020
Now you can not only analyze your data and get answers from it immediately, but also export your Insightboard and turn into a PDF business report. What’s more, this also applies to our useful Performance & Process reports.
March 16, 2020
We cannot stress enough the importance of regular OKRs updates. Rather than simply talk the talk, we’re walking the walk. We’ve introduced Delta Values - % difference in progress from the end of the previous cadence to your current value. Again, we want to make your life easier!
March 5, 2020
You know that earlier this year we introduced the industry-first Marketplace to help you ‘quick-start’ and successfully maintain an OKR process at your organization. And you remember how we promised to open the platform to contributors? We did just that.
March 4, 2020
For Q2, we are almost doubling down on delivering value by planning 47 significant releases. Hence - we call it "Gtmhub: Exponential Edition."
February 25, 2020
Nowadays, we are enjoying beautiful and structured sets of data that can easily be turned into insights through various system integrations. What for? So, we make informed decisions and prepare for the future. This particularly applies to the corporate world. Reports are essential for any businesses regardless of size and industry.
February 19, 2020
Gtmhub has hundreds of useful integrations that automatically pull data in and then turn it into meaningful insights. We have some more for you! We’re now introducing a new batch of connectors: for Excel Online, Intercom, Basecamp and a second volume for Asana.
February 17, 2020
Here, we’ll discuss some of the fundamentals of OKRs creation, including how to craft an effective engineering OKR. We’ll also provide OKR examples for inspiration at all levels of the engineering team: individuals, managers and the entire team.
February 4, 2020
Originally developed at Intel and now used by companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook, OKRs have a proven track record of getting results for large-scale enterprises.
February 3, 2020
Instead of working directly with the 3rd party data source, you can now make your Insights work with Virtual Data Sources, which can contain complex logic, aggregate various data sources and do any data preparation at one single place.
January 31, 2020
We understand that you need some OKR examples to spark creativity and set your goals effectively. But even that isn’t enough. To solve your quick start problem, we have just introduced the Industry’s first OKRs Marketplace!
January 27, 2020
It’s easy to associate OKRs with large companies rather than startups and small businesses. But, as industry guru John Doerr says in Measure What Matters: “At smaller start-ups, where people absolutely need to be pulling in the same direction, OKRs are a survival tool.”
January 20, 2020
At Gtmhub, we are introducing the very first RPA (Robotic Process Automation) for OKRs in order to help large organizations deploy and manage OKRs at scale.
January 15, 2020
Our new Tasks View lets users of the Gtmhub software easily track their teams’ progress with assigned tasks. You can now comfortably say, “This is what I want to achieve” (OKRs), and “This is how am I going to do it.”
January 14, 2020
Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) can transform your flimsy resolutions into a clear, sound and actionable plan for growth and achievement.
January 8, 2020
Wouldn’t you love it if you could immediately access the data on your KR and discuss it right there and then? Yes, we get that. That’s why we decided to make your life easier and introduce the full-on integration of Gtmhub with Microsoft Teams and Slack.
January 6, 2020
Our START plan is a first-of-its-kind, self-serve plan for startups, small and medium sized businesses that fixes the formerly missing piece of the OKR puzzle to help young or smaller companies successfully implement OKRs and reap the benefits that proper goal-setting, tracking and managing provides.
December 18, 2019
We have recently announced our Series A, and the injection of capital is already visible on our roadmap. Q1 2020 represents the most significant update to the Gtmhub platform to date. The central theme of Q1 is – agile at scale. How does one introduce OKRs to 5,000 people? How do we make sure 22,000 people follow
July 31, 2019
Now you can use Gtmhub’s Approval Workflow feature to be sure that your key stakeholders and participants are actively engaged with your OKR initiative – and to identify and fix misalignments or confusions before the start of each OKR period. Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) aren’t some form of magic. Alas, you can’t just hire
June 9, 2019
It is said that sales “lives by the number”. That number is usually some variation of revenue (bookings, billings, MRR, ARR…). The problem is that this number, as Jeff Bezos puts it, is an output variable, something that is an outcome of various inputs that we can control. So, the question is – what can
June 1, 2019
The use case of weighted key results is that some key results are more important than others – hence progress on the important key results should count for more than progress on the other key results. Here is a quick example that we hear a lot: Objective: Accelerate growth KR 1: Hit $40m in revenue
April 9, 2019
Last week we have announced the general availability of Gtmhub’s connector for ServiceNow. What is ServiceNow? ServiceNow is an enterprise solution which provides digital workflows for a variety of functions, such as: IT Workflows Employee Workflows HR Workflows and so on. Use cases Various metrics and KPIs are at the heart of optimizing digital workflows
April 8, 2019
At the beginning of each quarter, the very first OKR I define for myself is a meta-objective: Kill it with OKRs. I’ve shared this practice with numerous people, and many think that this is some dogfooding exercise – us being the OKR Platform vendor. But, no – it’s not that. As a CEO, I think that
April 4, 2019
OKRs are a white-hot topic at the moment. The management methodology which took roots in technology companies of Silicon Valley is now being implemented by banks, cities, corporates; small startups and world’s largest enterprises equally. While there is undeniable hype around OKRs, some are wondering if the whole thing is not just a fad. Is
September 4, 2019
Give me a strong reason why. Give me the ways and means to learn how. But please don’t tell me what to do. From Compliance to Commitment Purpose led businesses create more value for stakeholders and grow faster. But the potential of purpose led businesses is often undermined by a failure to empower employees to
August 12, 2019
In times past, I spent many an hour worrying about goal setting and OKRs in particular. For me, concerns usually fell into one of 5 big buckets: Defining inspirational OKRs . . . Not sure about you, but I find that creating inspiration is hard work! Stretch goals. . . Can’t I just focus on