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Jake Esau

Spotlight on Technical Success: Jake Esau

"For the past few years I’ve worked in technical success and consulting, which provides the perfect blend of customer interaction and technical work. My work has allowed me to work with wonderful people around the globe in companies of all sizes."
May 10, 2022
Aidan Hickman

Spotlight on Technical Success: Aidan Hickman

"...our success is judged almost entirely on the success of our customers. If we can enable our customers to successfully scale their OKR execution across their business then we have been successful in our goals. This is our minimum and we aim to exceed it. "
April 20, 2022

Putting Excel to Bed - Progress and Task Management Reports for an Enterprise Software Customer

A major software vendor was managing their OKRs in spreadsheets. This caused all manner of challenges around having correct, up-to-date as well as the ability to make strategic decisions with certainty. Here's how they improved the efficiency of their internal meetings, increased awareness of overall company OKR performance, and overhauled how they prioritized initiatives.
April 7, 2022