Gtmhub to sunset Feedback functionality

In 2018 we released Feedback, giving our customers the ability to provide structured performance reviews to their employees and to encourage conversations about OKRs in an open and meaningful way. A lot has changed within those four years but our determination to supply the best possible OKR management solution has not. However, we realize that in our quest for the perfect solution, we’ve made mistakes along the way. 

We have written extensively about why incentives and OKRs should be decoupled, how OKRs are not synonymous with employee performance evaluations, and the pitfalls of linking remuneration with Objective attainment. Despite this, we launched Feedback in 2018, to provide the selfsame thing we were arguing against: linking performance management directly to OKRs. Fast forward to 2022, and we are now rectifying this mistake as we move our company in a different direction

As of the 30th of March 2022, we will no longer be supporting performance reviews within Gtmhub and will be sunsetting the Feedback functionality. 

However, even without this feature, there are multiple ways for your employees to engage, comment and align with each other without the need for the giving and receiving of feedback in a formalized review structure. 

Employees can interact and support each other through: 

  • Comments – A fantastic way to spark conversations on OKRs, specific Key Result updates, or on Insights graphics. Comments are visible to everyone (if the user has access to the artifact), making communication transparent, providing a record of input from different teams, and notifying the relevant stakeholders.
    • Commenting under specific Objectives – All people interested in the progress of an Objective can leave their feedback, questions, and general comments.
    • Commenting under a Key Result update – Whether the user is reviewing a specific KR or browsing all recently updated on the Timeline, they can comment under the update to ask for more detail, offer help on a blocker, or share learnings from a similar project they’ve worked on.
    • Commenting on Insightboards/Insights – Insightboards are Enterprise dashboards that combine both OKR and external data sources in one place. Commenting on a chart is an easy way to discuss progress, draw attention to performance, or spark discussion around KPIs and KRs that need a nudge in the right direction.
  • Whiteboards – Whiteboards are the perfect canvas to ideate and collaborate on OKRs, run retrospectives, or create blueprints for future strategic initiatives.
    • There are a variety of templates that can be instantly installed to accelerate feedback loops during OKR creation, brainstorming sessions, company or team-wide retrospectives.
    • Users can also build their own whiteboards from scratch. Useful features for this include importing OKRs, uploading images, adding text widgets and post-it notes for commentary.
  • Lists – Filterable lists of data to prepare for team sync and weekly OKR status update meetings
    • Often used by Managers as part of their weekly team meetings or for tracking OKRs that may need a bit of extra attention. Lists can be set up with just a few clicks and help managers make informed decisions on when they should follow up with employees, discuss how to improve performance, or remove obstacles to progress.
  • Badges – Recognize and celebrate your colleagues' achievements with customizable badges.
    • Giving someone a badge is a way of notifying all employees about exceptional contributions or the gaining of unique skills. The former can be used to find employees who successfully achieve their OKRS, complete a project, or have demonstrated amazing cross-functional support, whilst the latter could be for passing onboarding, learning a new ability such as SQL, or identifying experts in teams. The badge will then appear in their profile, visible to everyone in the company, giving other employees the opportunity to speak to them about their specialisms or to get advice on successfully achieving OKRs.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to message us via support.