Break Down Barriers to Effective Strategy Execution

Drive horizontal and vertical alignment
Create effective goal setting
Improve strategic management

In this whitepaper, we will explore:

Aligning People to Strategic Objectives

A great strategy is useless without the ability to align to it and deliver it. The alignment of people and work to strategic objectives is one of the most important superpowers of OKRs.

Improving Efficiency by Reducing Bureaucracy

Vertical alignment alone creates silos and dependencies. Improve value delivery by reducing layers in the hierarchy: strategy OKRs encourage collaboration, alignment, and performance both vertically and horizontally.

Creating Ownership for Horizontal Alignment

Leverage shared Objectives and clear measures of success (Key Results) to create cross-functional teams, manage dependencies effectively, and provide “containers” for team accountability.

Supporting Strategy Execution with Smart Technology

Good technology works in support of good process. Learn what to look for in the right collaboration tools to make alignment, ideation, and coordination easier.

About the Authors

Evan Campbell

Chief Transformation Architect

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