OKRs: A Practical Primer

14 Jan at 14:00 in Eastern Standard Time (EST)

This webinar is your ultimate OKRs kick-starter!

We’ve helped hundreds of companies deploy OKRs and bridge the gap between strategic priorities and daily execution. In this webinar, we’ll share the most effective OKRs practices.

In less than one hour, we will introduce you to the most critical aspects of OKRs methodology.

This webinar will cover the following topics:

  • OKRs basics.
  • 10 OKRs mistakes (and how to avoid them).
  • How to get started.

Our presenter:
Jenny Herald, Product Manager at Gtmhub

Jenny Herald is currently the Chief Product Officer of Gtmhub, where she champions the company’s efforts to help customers bridge the gap between strategy and execution via the world’s most powerful OKRs platform. Jenny has spent more than 8 years accelerating growth for enterprises such as Microsoft and Wunderlist.