Step up your game: Boost your OKRs Process Execution

21 Jan at 10:00 in Central European Time (CET)

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This webinar will unveil the answers to the hottest questions around an effective OKRs process!

Getting the most out of OKRs starts with an effective deployment, but confusion often arises when initiating or seeking to implement best practices. We see uncertainty surrounding:

  • What is an effective OKRs framework?
  • Who should own OKRs?
  • We’re here to help step-up your OKRs game and drill into the practical aspects of a successful OKRs deployment.

Our presenter:
Radostina Chokova, VP Customer Success

"Radostina has years of experience passionately helping companies achieve focus, transparency, and alignment with OKRs and Gtmhub. OKRs work for all types of companies - from small startups to large enterprises regardless of the industry, Radostina and the Customer Success team are providing unique and personalized approach when it comes to implementing Gtmhub and the OKRs methodology."