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Easily access real-time insights on how each of your team members is tracking at any point in time. Automate goal tracking to minimize the need for manual updates and have the opportunity to intervene to help and encourage before things fall off track.

Align your whole team around a common purpose

Teams perform better everyone is pulling in the same direction. Use Gtmhub's intuitive OKRs management platform to clarify how each individual's goals contribute to the team's goals. When team members can view how they are contributing, you can truly move to radical goal alignment that will propel your team's productivity.

Give feedback when it has the most impact

Request and give feedback and schedule 1on1s when it matters most so that you can move from more frequent feedback, to feedback at the right time. Keep performance and feedback information in one place on every one of your team members, and easily download or print when you meet in person.

Boost productivity by improving employee experience

Employee experience is highly correlated to productivity. Gtmhub's recognition and collaboration features, as well as goal transparency and alignment go a long way to helping you have happier team members. And that means more productive teams.

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