Observability in a connected world

Keep your customers connected using autonomous monitoring, and never miss leading indicators that could cost your business revenue and reputation. 

Operational excellence for telecom


Pull data from across all of your operations and business support systems.


Monitor data across your operations and quickly identify the issues that impact your business and the customer experience.


Explore business impacts, the correlated activities, and get to the root cause of issues faster.


Notify the right people on your operations teams so they can take action to reduce mean-time-to-resolution.

Service teams and systems connect you to customers

Knowing when an issue exists and how to fix it can preserve your most important relationships. Automate anomaly detection and take proactive measures in areas like churn prediction, configure-price-quote effectiveness, and service-level agreement assurance.

Identify and disarm threats

Fraud, such as Wangiri callbacks, is a global and diverse challenge that can cause a chain of reactions including inconsistent customer bills, damaged reputation, poor satisfaction with services provided, and potential for churn.

Our Business Observability platform equips your teams to quickly identify and disarm any detected threats as they happen. 

Utilize call detail record data to prevent revenue leaks

Automatically monitor data points such as voice minutes per region/country, data usage per segment, and call volume.

Take business observability to the next level

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Take business observability to the next level