OKRs for Small Business

Unlock growth. Predict success.

Gtmhub is the leader in OKR software for managing business growth, anticipating disruptions and opportunities, and achieving operational excellence.

Focus on what matters

Help teams and individuals stay on track by creating alignment on top-level goals and showcasing how key activities contribute to company-wide success.

Simple OKR management

Flexible OKR management you can customize to the size of your team and easily scale as your company grows.

Alignment View

Show how everyone’s daily efforts are connecting to your mission with our goal Alignment View.

Task managment

Prioritize outputs using Tasks and keep everything important top of mind with our Home Dashboard.

Increase employee engagement

Drive consistent engagement across all employees and contractors hired outside your company with a single place to collaborate and discuss strategy.


Improve how your teams work together by providing a space to brainstorm, vote on ideas, and take action.

Shared OKRs

Create a culture of transparency that attracts, nurtures, and retains high-performing employees.

Timeline feed

See how daily efforts are contributing to the company’s success and identify opportunities for collaboration.

Build effective operations

Streamline your processes and OKR management to save time, avoid unnecessary costs, and allocate resources to what creates the most value for your business.

OKR templates

Use OKR templates and OKR Design Score to easily create and manage your company goals.

Plug and play reporting

Out of the box reporting dashboards to visualize company progress and make data-based decisions

Dynamic key results

Reduce the need for manual work by automatically updating your OKR progress and KPIs.

Anticipate disruptions with real-time analytics

Improve your decision-making process from reactive to proactive and course-correct issues in advance with reliable data.

OKR Confidence

Monitor changes to OKR Confidence Levels to identify issues in advance and reallocate resources.


Advanced reporting to get a bird's eye view of company progress and evaluate OKR achievement and changes to KPIs.

170+ integrations

Connect the tools you use daily to save time searching for data and easily link business-critical metrics to OKRs.

Support for every stage of your business

Gain access to a complete knowledge base on adopting OKRs and take advantage of Gtmhub services when you begin to scale.

On-demand training

Get access to our OKRs Fundamentals Course and Monthly Live Trainings to answer all your questions on OKRs and Gtmhub.

OKR consulting

Get access to our network of partners and consultants who are experts on the OKR methodology and adoption.

Success services

Gtmhub Success Services supports your OKRs at scale and allows you to further customize Gtmhub for your business.

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