OKRs for Enterprise

Unleash the power of OKRs for your enterprise

Even the best strategy will fail without the right execution. Gtmhub provides enterprises with the tools needed to succeed with OKRs at scale.

Transparent strategy formulation

Banish the spreadsheet. Put PowerPoint to bed. Create your strategy with frictionless collaboration and full transparency across your enterprise.

KPI dashboard

Quickly identify the areas of your organization that are falling behind target.


Bring together key stakeholders to brainstorm, vote on ideas, and make an action plan.

Benchmark OKR reports

Compare your OKR progress and processes against other Gtmhub customers to help locate areas of improvement.

A consistent methodology for everyone

Eliminate multiple methods of doing OKRs by defining your processes and ensuring every team and individual follows the same OKR framework.

Configurable methodology

Customize Gtmhub to your approach and OKR processes and set them as the standard for your entire organization.

OKR approval workflow

Allow managerial oversight of OKRs by setting draft, review, and approval stages.

Process automation

Manage OKRs at scale with ready-made or custom automations to control the creation of OKRs and ensure consistency.

Nurture high performing teams

Create an engaged company culture that's hyper-focused on the same mission. Provide your teams the tools they need to be data-obsessed, outcome-driven, and proficient at cross-team collaboration.

Alignment view

Visualize company strategy and know what everyone is focused on all in one place.

Shared OKR ownership

Assign team and individuals ownership, set dependencies, and link objectives and key results to show how teams are aligned together.

Project and task linking

Recognize the everyday efforts of employees and know which outputs and initiatives are driving OKR achievement.

Real-time view on progress

Get the most robust executive overview of progress across the entire organization and reach an optimum state of identifying issues in advance.

170+ integrations

Pre-built and custom native integrations link the tools you use daily to Gtmhub and automate real-time metrics.

Business observability

Get notified immediately when something unexpected happens with your metrics and make informed decisions.

Executive Insightboards

Present a complete picture of how OKRs, teams, individuals, and your entire organization are performing with out-of-the-box or custom dashboards.

Premium enterprise services

Gain support for your enterprise at every stage to facilitate company-wide adoption, transformation, and complete success with OKRs through Gtmhub services and network of partners.

Customer success manager

Weekly check-ins, quarterly business reviews, and OKR cycle kickoffs ensure you're supported at every step of your OKR journey.

Custom development

Support for deployment, integration setup, custom data connector development, and additional technical consulting.

Partner activation

Get matched with a consulting partner who will work alongside you to test your business readiness, provide alignment workshops, and train your OKR champions.

Enterprise-ready security

You take security seriously — and you need software you can trust with your strategy and corporate data. Gtmhub is committed to keeping it secure.


Gtmhub is SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001, and SOC 3 certified.

Secure data storage

Services are hosted and managed in Microsoft Azure secure data centers, with regional centers ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Regular testing

Relentless testing and analysis are done for security issues making sure all your data is safe and secure.

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