Strategy meets execution

OKR software for any business

OKR software by Gtmhub helps companies achieve the best results by focusing on what really matters to the business. 

Make OKRs work for your business

Our OKR software offers flexible OKR management to keep all employees on track with company-wide initiatives.

Configurable methodology

Define who can own OKRs, OKR limits per owner, and key result progress caps globally or for each planning session.

Alignment view

Quickly expand and collapse branches to visualize the structure and how each objective supports other OKRs.

Multi-level OKR alignment

Create OKRs at any level, from company to department, team, and individual.

Drive engagement and collaboration

As a single place to plan and discuss strategy, OKR software keeps programs on track and employees engaged in the process.

Create engagement

Recognize and reward performance with badges, gifs, and comments.

Project boards and tasks

Easily manage and assign task due dates, status, and priority from dashboard or Kanban boards.

OKR and task alignment

Link tasks to OKRs to show the outputs required to achieve goals.

Easily track and measure performance

Use out-of-the-box and custom templates made for Gtmhub's OKR software to get a high-level overview of goal progress.

Dynamic key results

Eliminate manual updates by automatically updating OKRs with data from a third-party app to view progress in real-time.


Integrate data sources and visualize company progress in real-time to get a complete picture of how OKRs, teams, individuals are performing.

Benchmark reports

Benchmark OKR progress and processes against other Gtmhub customers to help locate areas of possible improvement.

Keep everyone in the know

With unlimited view-only users, our OKR software ensures that everyone working with the business is on the same page.

User and team management

Automatically create an organizational chart to reflect the company structure.

Team and user profiles

Showcase progress, highlight the biggest achievements and see how a team or individual is doing on their OKR journey.

Activity history

Stay current with OKR activity and maintain an audit trail of any changes.

In the flow of work

With more than 170 integrations to choose from, Gtmhub connects with the tools used daily to link business-critical metrics with OKRs.

Slack and MS Teams

Easily collaborate with teammates and align goals, tasks, and results in real time.

Mobile apps

With the Gtmhub app for iOS and Android, access key platform features on-the-go.

App marketplace

Explore dozens of apps that seamlessly integrate with Gtmhub’s OKR software.

Get help when it's needed

With technical success and customer support teams, Gtmhub ensures customers get the most out of their OKR software. 

Knowledge base

Become proficient as an OKR practitioner and Gtmhub user with a rich library of videos and online materials.

Support services

Standard and enhanced customer support to get help when it is needed.

Success services

To support OKRs at scale, add on enhanced support services to further customize Gtmhub to your business.

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