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Episode 34

What a Chief of Staff brings to a startup

John Quayle
John Quayle
Chief of Staff at Four Growers
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Episode Notes

John Quayle is an Operations Professional for small businesses, startups, and brands that are economies of one. Three months ago, he became the Chief of Staff at Four Growers, a startup that’s revolutionizing farming with robots that can pick ripe fruit in green houses. Jenny and John discuss false limitations, OKRs, what exactly is the role of a Chief of Staff, and explore of the art of planning goals.

  • (0:00) Intro
  • (1:34) Conversation with John
  • (3:00) What is Four Growers
  • (5:50) Role of Chief of Staff
  • (10:30) The art of planning goals
  • (12:20) False limitations
  • (16:20) Operational rituals at Four Growers
  • (22:30) Setting goals
  • (26:00) High level of autonomy
  • (26:45) Knowing expectations of the role
  • (32:20) View on OKRs
  • (35:05) Q4
  • (38:40) Quickfire questions
  • (43:00) Advice to Chief of Staffs
  • (45:21) Outro

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