What is an OKR champion?

June 14, 20172 min read

When a team or company adopts OKRs, establishing a role of OKR champion is one of the most important things that needs to happen. In short, the role of this person is to make sure that team is successful with OKRs.


What is the role of OKR champion?


The OKR champion has several important tasks, which are essential for the successful OKR implementation.

Drives adoption 

Introducing any type of a new process in organization is never simple and it never just happens. One of the key people in this process is OKR champion. This person sets the milestones and deadlines and ensures that organization is moving along.

Designs the process 

OKRs are a general approach for teams to align themselves and drive performance. To make it really work, certain tweaks will have to be made that correspond to the culture of the team. OKR champion is the person that initiates and drives these tweaks. Some examples of these tweaks are:

  • How often should people check-in their results
  • How long is the planning cadence
  • and so on…

Expert in Residence 

People will have questions on OKRs. New people will come onboard and they will have even more questions. The OKR champion is the person that every person can turn to and ask to check on their objectives or get a clarification on what objective confidence is.

Chooses and maintain OKR tools 

Regardless if the tool is a whiteboard and post-its or a full-blown OKR solution, such as Gtmhub it is the OKR champion that chooses them (or at least drives the initiative) and makes sure the tool is adequate and fits the need of the team.


What makes a good OKR champion?


It is mostly soft skills that make a good OKR champion. It goes without saying that this should be an organized person with a knack for coaching and helping teammates.

Also, most successful OKR champions are true champions. Those are people that understand OKRs, that see the benefits and are ready to work through problems.

To sum it up, a great OKR champion will have at least some of the following characteristics:

  • Organized
  • Well known in the team
  • Good coach and mentor
  • Passionate about OKRs
  • Patient


Other names for OKR champion


If this is the first time you’ve heard of an OKR champion, one of the reasons may be that there are more than few different names being used to describe the very same role. So, here are the ones we’ve heard so far:

  • OKR aggregator
  • OKR master
  • OKR ambassador

That being said, we think that OKR champion describes the role the best and we tend to stick with it.




The OKR champion is a crucial person in a successful adoption of OKRs.

The role is similar to a Scrum master in agile software development. The objective of the OKR champion is to facilitate the OKR process, not to decide on the objectives.

As a role, it includes a fair amount of coaching and mentoring. Most successful OKR champions are outgoing and well-known people in organization that are passionate about OKRs.

While the role is essential, different organizations have different name – so don't be confused if you hear of OKR aggregator or OKR master.

Finally, depending on the size of your organization, you may want to have more than one OKR champion.