Running a healthy OKR process with Gtmhub

March 19, 20181 min read

I have already written that the single biggest reason OKRs fail is that people stop using them.

Most organizations will have a well-intended OKR champion, but the road from a Google Sheet with brand new OKRs to no one updating their key results is typically a very short one.

One of the key things Gtmhub does is helping organizations not only to manage OKRs but also to adopt OKRs .

Today we are releasing three brand new abilities to help OKR champions to answer following questions:

  • Who does not have objectives?
  • Which teams don’t have objectives?
  • Which objectives don’t have key results?

In addition to this, we’ve also added built-in reminder functions.


New session health check function

New session health check function


All three new abilities are available in the OKRs section, by clicking on the Filter by assignee button and then Session check button.

Who does not have objectives?

The first question OKR champions often wonder is – who are the people that still did not define their OKRs.


List of people that don't have assigned OKRs

List of people that don’t have assigned OKRs


By going to the People Without Objectives tab in the Session check dialog, you will get a list of all employees that don’t have defined OKRs for the current planning session . By clicking on the Send reminder button, Gtmhub will make a comment on the employee’s timeline, as well as send an e-mail notification.


Missing OKR notification

Missing OKR notification


Which teams don’t have objectives?

Similar to employees, you can also get a list of all teams that don’t have defined OKRs.


List of teams without OKRs

List of teams without OKRs


Again, you are able to send reminders for teams to define OKRs. In addition to the timeline comment, the manager of the team will receive an e-mail notification to define OKRs for the planning session.

Which objectives don’t have key results?

Finally, one problem we’ve noticed when organizations just start using OKRs is that many people will define their objectives, but won’t define any key results. This, of course, defeats the purpose of OKRs. You can access this report by going to Empty Objectives tab.


List of objectives without key results

List of objectives without key results


Similar to other functionalities, you can send reminders to fix this issue directly from Gtmhub.


OKRs are simple, but adopting them is not easy. Gtmhub helps organizations adopt and manage OKRs in multiple ways:

  • Automate updating of key results
  • Visualizing the OKR alignment
  • Understanding OKRs

With this new feature, we are now also assisting OKR champions to make sure everyone is onboard. Try Gtmhub today .