OKRs for Salesforce; new Gtmhub integration

June 28, 20171 min read

Yesterday, we’ve announced the new JIRA integration for Gtmhub . Today, we are very happy to announce 42 ready to use metrics for Salesforce .

With this new integration, Gtmhub customers are able to set key results against live metrics coming from Gtmhub. The benefit for users is that OKRs using Salesforce connector don’t need to be updated, but rather Gtmhub does that automatically in real time.


Example sales OKR

Let’s imagine a small and relatively inexperienced sales team. A new VP of sales wants the team to increase their activity levels.

Objective: Increase sales activity 

  • Key result #1: Hit 800 closed activities 
  • Key result #2: Make 250 calls 
  • Key result #3: Attend 50 prospect meetings 

We’ve written more about setting OKRs for sales team in this post

This information is available in most Salesforce, as well as in many other CRMs. To save time, provide accurate and real-time information Gtmhub connects directly to Salesforce and gathers this data for you.

Salesforce masterplan: 42 built-in metrics


Salesforce key results

Salesforce key results


The Salesforce metrics in Gtmhub are divided in following five categories:

  • Opportunities 
    Won opportunities amount, average sales lifecycle…
  • Sales 
    Sales by lead source, Sales this month…
  • Leads 
    Bounced leads, Converted leads…
  • Campaigns 
    Active campaigns, Campaign influenced opportunities…
  • Activities 
    Closed activities, Emails, Calls…

The full list of built-in metrics can be found in our documentation .

Building custom Salesforce metrics

The 42 insights that we have just released are more than enough to get you started. But, you can always build new metrics with our powerful SQL and R language metric builders.


Salesforce metric editor

Salesforce metric editor


Demo and final words

Salesforce metrics require Growth Engine of higher edition of Gtmhub. If you want us to show you how it works, just drop us a line and we’ll get back to you.

Here is a short demonstration of how Gtmhub tracks Salesforce related key results.