Leverage the power of OKRs: Gtmhub’s Scale plan

May 1, 20202 min read

Earlier this year, we set out on a mission to democratize OKRs through the release of our  START plan . Our goal was simple – provide access to software that would enable OKRs in business around the world, with as little friction as possible. 

Today, we are excited to announce two changes that improve the way businesses can get started with OKRs and how they progress on their OKRs journey with Gtmhub. 

A new way to leverage OKRs – Gtmhub’s Scale plan  

Since the release of our START plan at a cost of $1 per user per month, we’ve learned quite a lot from our rapidly growing OKRs community. First, just as we observed a few months prior, the interest in adopting OKRs is as strong as ever – and the interest in finding a platform to help manage and succeed with OKRs is growing. Every day we see the how important OKRs are becoming for businesses around the world.

Secondly, our goal for the START plan to be the platform for smaller businesses embrace the power of OKRs evolved. The START plan has, additionally, become a clear pathway for teams and businesses of any size to get comfortable with Gtmhub and ingrain OKRs into their DNA.  

Finally, those that have subscribed to the START plan have adopted OKRs and rooted Gtmhub and OKRs into their core business quite successfully… to the point where they are looking to take things to the next level. 

With all that said, today we are excited to release a new mid-tier offering that fits perfectly into many OKRs journeys. The  Scale  plan will help accelerate the power of OKRs by giving you greater insights into your OKRs process and performance and enhancing the connectivity of Gtmhub and OKRs to your existing workflows. In addition to everything offered in our START plan, our Scale plan offering takes things up a notch by providing access to: 

  • Advanced reports to analyze how OKRs are being adopted and performing within your organization;
  • Integrations to Slack, Microsoft Teams, and our Jira plugin application to bring Gtmhub and OKRs seamlessly into your existing tech stacks;
  • and Gtmhub’s Insights module where you can automate OKR progress updates and create powerful reports using data from a number of our 150 3 rd  party tools and connectors.

We understand that adopting, implementing, and executing with OKRs is a process and that there are different considerations and needs at different stages of the journey. The goal of the Scale plan is to enable businesses to take the next step with powering up their OKRs process, allowing them to see even more value out of using OKRs in their organizations. 

Transparent and seamless accessibility to Gtmhub 

In addition to the release of our new Scale plan, we have made a few changes to how businesses can trial, gain access to, and upgrade Gtmhub. 

First, each tier of Gtmhub will be available for a trial period. Additionally, each tier of Gtmhub is now self-serve – meaning businesses can subscribe to any tier at any time. 

With these changes, we’re also making it easier to match Gtmhub to your OKRs process as it evolves. Customers of Gtmhub will be able to upgrade to a higher-tier plan at any point within their organization’s Gtmhub site. 

Last but not least, our prices are now 100% transparent on our pricing page. Each tier is available in annual and month-to-month payment options, with discounts applied to annual commitments.