Installing Insights from the Gtmhub Marketplace

March 27, 20203 min read

All hail the Dynamic Key Results & Insights 

We’ve said it bunch of times. We’ll say it again…Yes, you need data-fueled metrics to complement your strategic priorities. To successfully connect your goals with efforts and reach your fullest potential. And isn’t it just incredible that you can automate all of this?! ( Don’t take Automation for granted! )

Any metric in any Gtmhub insightboard can be attached as a key result to your objective. Your key results then become dynamic – they automatically update in real time.  Our Dynamic Key Results propel businesses to move forward and never lose momentum with their goals. Real-time data will let you know how far along you are with your action plans to reach targets, all the while allowing you to know what measures to take and when. 

Automatic metrics are Gtmhub’s strong suit. Our platform shines with over 150 connectors, which automatically pull data in and turn it into essential insights. ‘Essential for what’, you might ask? Well, insights make for better decisions and more effective business strategies. And how does this relate to OKRs?

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. You cannot have one without the other. It’s the same with our Dynamic KRs and Insights. The data that feeds your quantifiable Key Results is the key factor for achieving your inspirational objectives. So, what exactly did we do to ensure you get along perfectly fine with our Insights? 

Install Insights from the Gtmhub Marketplace 

Haven’t forgotten about  our Marketplace , right? And why would you? The industry’s first Marketplace is nothing short of amazing – an extensive library of best-in-class OKRs examples, that help businesses avoid wasting precious time figuring out how it all comes together. Wouldn’t you agree that saving time, money and other resources in this constantly changing world will give you and your team the craved stability? And we’ve done more to ensure that stability.

As promised, we have brought Insights to the Gtmhub Marketplace! Hooray! You are now able to install exemplary pre-configured Insights and directly connect them to your OKRs with just a few simple steps. You and your team can quickly and easily get the answers to your most burning questions: How many epics did we close in JIRA last month? How many new leads in HubSpot did we generate in March?  

You will now get insightful with little to no efforts and equip yourself with the ability to make more informed decisions.  

The benefits are too good to be ignored y’all  

First and foremost, you will be able to quick start your goal-setting process without losing too much time on researching how to do it. Extremely valuable for small and medium-sized businesses. When you ought to be focusing on building an effective growth strategy and managing many projects and tasks that reach outside your basic responsibilities, a rich gallery of ready-to-go Insights definitely comes in handy. Speed up the process of tracking your goal attainment and show your data some love! 

Select an Insight for installation

Big enterprises, this is especially for you! How can pre-composed Insights help you keep your complex vehicle up and running? We know we’re stating the obvious here but oh well… You will eliminate unnecessary confusion and indecisiveness by having a clear idea of how each department, team or individual can measure the progress of their goals. Again, it all boils down to accelerating your OKRs deployments and easily achieving your most desired outcomes.

What else? You should be able to do all this without any technical knowledge. Fast implementation of the OKRs process translates into faster results and increased productivity! No need to involve and have multiple people (if needed) working on the same task. You will have different people focusing on different activities – a larger volume of work will be done. That does sound wonderful.

Go to  our knowledge base  to find out how to install Insights from the Gtmhub Marketplace. 

Coming up next

1. You will very soon be able to contribute with fresh ideas for Insights to the Gtmhub Marketplace. Share the wisdom but also learn from others. Knowledge exchange at its best! 

2. Marketplace Services – we will provide Services offered by our partners. This includes OKRs workshops, trainings, OKRs audits, change management services, to just name a few.

Stay updated . Exciting times ahead!