Innovation at Scale in Financial Services

April 17, 20192 min read

The worlds largest banks are playing catch up. After retreating to lick their wounds after the near death experience of the Great Financial Crisis ten year ago, banks are back, fighting to demonstrate that innovation is not just a game for trendy startups.

Mention the phrase “Core Banking Systems” you may either draw a blank or think of big, impenetrable (except to the odd hacker) monolithic clunky applications with millions of lines of code running on dusty old mainframes.

But this is changing rapidly. Large banks are adopting innovative approaches to software development, deployment and organisational strategy.

“The cloud, continuous delivery and digital transformation are the focus of our IT transformation. Our key aim is to deliver value and offer the best user experience to our clients through open and efficient IT systems.”

Carlos Goncalves, Head of IT, Global Banking and Investor Solutions, Societe Generale 

The Cloud was until very recently a swear word in financial services. How could reputable and venerable institutions possibly allow their most valuable information, the client data, to be hosted in the Cloud ? However, as startups and technology companies have learned already, so banks and other financial institutions are realising that the embracing the cloud is the only way to future proof your technology architecture. The fact that cloud based applications cost less to develop, deploy, and maintain, deliver a superior user experience, and with rock solid security credentials also help.

Although we offer our customers the option to deploy our application on their own hardware, most of our customers including every single financial services customer have opted for our public cloud deployment option.

Radoslav Georgiev, CTO, Gtmhub 

Utilising the cloud offers banks an opportunity for technology innovation. However in order to fully capitalise on this promise of the cloud, banks and other large organisations are rapidly adopting new ways of organising teams and individuals.

Agile platforms and cloud capabilities not only allow you to do things much faster but also enable you to organize teams differently. You can create smaller teams of five to 20 people who can be continually reimagining, reinventing and rolling out new products and services in a few days instead of months.

Jamie Diamond, CEO, JPMorgan 

Agile at the scale of huge global banks is not simple or straightforward. Reshaping entire organisations into loosely coupled, autonomous teams, repurposing managers to become effective coaches, and embedding principles of transparency and harnessing the power of 2-week sprints instead of annual planning cycles represents a huge challenge.

By adopting Agile at Scale and Cloud technologies our largest customers challenge stereotypes and unlock huge value for customers, employees and investors.

Ivan Osmak, CEO, Gtmhub