Gtmhub now integrates with ServiceNow

April 9, 20191 min read

Last week we have announced the general availability of Gtmhub’s connector for ServiceNow .

What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is an enterprise solution which provides digital workflows for a variety of functions, such as:

  • IT Workflows
  • Employee Workflows
  • HR Workflows and so on.

Use cases

Various metrics and KPIs are at the heart of optimizing digital workflows within an orgaization.

Source: ServiceNow, Improve IT productivity 

Gtmhub can now automatically obtain these metrics , attach them to OKRs and dynamically track attainment on operational objectives.

We could easily imagine a following, fully automated OKR:

  • Objective: Deliver world-class customer support
    • KR1: Reduce incident resolve time by 4 hours
    • KR2: Triage incidents in less than 8 hours
    • KR3: Critical incidents resolved within 4 hours

The actual uses cases will, obviously, depend on the domain and types of workflows being optimized with ServiceNow, as well as the set of OKRs that team or organization is pursuing.

How to connect to ServiceNow?

We have prepared a detailed article on how to connect ServiceNow with Gtmhub in our documentation, but the mechanics are same as with any of the other 150+ integrations.

Gtmhub will discover all the various data types in your ServiceNow instance and you can connect to only the ones relevant to your OKRs.

Browse the ServiceNow data model 

In addition to built-in insights Gtmhub, as always, provides a way to mix and match various data through it’s insight editor – supporting SQL or R languages.

Gtmhub insight editor with SQL flavor

Want to try Gtmhub?

If you have not tried Gtmhub yet, head over to our free trial and give it a spin .