Gtmhub launches US data center

August 17, 20181 min read

Until today, all Gtmhub customer data was located in our EU data center in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Over the past six months, North America has become the single largest market for Gtmhub.

To offer better performance, comply with various regulations of both public companies and government sector, we have decided to launch a new data center in San Francisco, CA. Today, we announce the general availability of our new US data center.

Gtmhub will from now on automatically route North America customers to the new US data center, while EU customers will be routed to the EU data center. For the customers from other regions, a choice will be presented to choose which data center they wish to use.

For the existing customers, we will provide the ability to migrate from one data center to another.

Finally, as Gtmhub is fully GDPR compliant , it is important to note that data in the EU data center will never leave the borders of EU; the two data centers are identical copies, not connected in any way.