Gtmhub: Exponential Edition

March 4, 20202 min read

Back in December, we have named our Q1 Roadmap –  Agile at Scale . We have focused on helping organizations implement OKRs at Scale with industry-first Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for OKRs, OKRs Marketplace, and a slew of reporting capabilities. We have released 25 significant releases in Q1.

For Q2, we are almost doubling down on delivering value by planning 47 significant releases. Hence – we call it “ Gtmhub: Exponential Edition .”

We intend to ship major new features and improvements across all six stages of OKRs implementation:

  • Adopt & Deploy
  • Optimize
  • Plan & Act
  • Track & Adjust
  • Exploit and
  • Scale

We have published our complete  Q2 2020 Roadmap  (it’s quite a read), so here we are bringing the condensed version.

Adopt & Deploy

We are helping organizations adopt OKRs with new  Onboarding Checklists

The introduction of consulting  Services on Gtmhub Marketplace  will make it easy for everyone to find the right partner to help with OKRs.

With  Custom Calculation of OKRs Attainment , we are making Gtmhub even more flexible and able to serve any OKRs process.


To help users craft great OKRs from day one, we are introducing another industry-first:  OKRs Assistant . The OKRs Assistant will help users in real-time avoid common mistakes, such as having too many key results.

Plan & Act

We are making Tasks in Gtmhub even more powerful, with  Custom Fields Tags , and support for  Gtmhub Mobile Apps .

Track & Adjust

With the new  Codeless Insights  and support for  Tables Bar Charts Line Charts , and  Pie Chart , we are making the power of Gtmhub data accessible to everyone.

We are also adding new connectors for  Xero  and  Airtable .


To tie OKRs even more into the fabric of every business, we are bringing the brand new ability to track and instrument  KPIs  against OKRs.

A global  Search  will allow you to quickly find Objectives, Key Results, Users, Teams, and Insights from one central place.

We are also expanding our reporting capabilities. In addition to  Performance  and  Process  reports, we are now also adding  Usage Reports . With Usage Reports, large organizations will be able to understand how much and how well their employees are using Gtmhub – quickly determining the ROI.


We continue investments in RPA with new events, conditions, and actions. Most importantly, we are introducing a  WebHook Event  that will allow you to trigger Gtmhub automations from 3rd party apps. In the same vein of thought, we are adding  Web API Request Event , which will enable you to call 3rd party APIs from Gtmhub automations.

To make large scale OKRs operations, such as  Copy Clone , and  Move  even more flexible – we are introducing wizards for these operations with additional parameters.

Last, but surely not least. The Apps.

Gtmhub Apps

In Q2, we are introducing a full extensibility framework to extend the standard Gtmhub experience: Gtmhub Apps.

While anyone will be able to build Gtmhub App, we will be shipping – together with our partners – many of the Apps on Gtmhub Marketplace.

Gtmhub Apps architecture

Gtmhub Apps will be a first-class citizen using the same APIs and architecture that the native Gtmhub features use.

You can read the entire Gtmhub Q2 2020 Roadmap  here .