Get more organized with our new All-Tasks View

January 15, 20204 min read
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Some people are pros at being disciplined and staying organized regardless of their crazy busy schedules. They can plan their whole year, knowing what they’ll do, accomplish, buy, spend, save, work on – all this while being on top of deadlines. On the other hand, others who waste an hour for a 10-minute chore. They are victims of poor time management practices that are slowing them down both in their personal and professional lives. Imagine if they have to deal with big teams and large projects at work? Is there an easy way to better manage time, work more efficiently, and prioritize effectively? 

The answer is task management! Nowadays, people are going nuts about  to-do lists  and task management tools. Writing down all your tasks for the day can let you relax, focus, and feel like you’re on the right track. It gives your brain an illusion that you have the time to complete every listed task, once you have organized them in a list. A  2011 study  discovered that even though unfinished tasks occupy our thoughts and give us anxiety, the simple plan to get them done can put our minds at ease.  

Also, don’t you find it incredibly motivating when you are crossing off an item on your TDL or setting a task to ‘Done’? The happy dopamine-induced sense of accomplishment is a powerful motivation booster. 

Because of all the reasons mentioned above, we at Gtmhub realized that task management is essential to every process and project. We believe that objectives without tasks are just mere wishes. OKRs need tasks the way burgers need French fries! And while we introduced tasks a while back, now we have a special surprise for you – an All-Tasks View, specially designed for your convenience.  

All-Tasks View

Objectives and Key Results represent the primary goals individuals/teams set for themselves and the concrete plans to achieve them. Tasks, on the other hand, emblematize the efforts one needs to make to get to the most desired outcomes. Our new Tasks View lets users of the Gtmhub software easily track their teams’ progress with assigned tasks. You can now comfortably say, “This is what I want to achieve” (OKRs), and “This is how I am going to do it.”

You can now find all your tasks (To-do, In-progress, and Done) in one central place – a Task tab. This experience is an upgrade from before when we could only access tasks by going through objectives. With our All-Tasks View you will be able to manage what you need to do better and save time, delegate, track task progress, and stick to your deadlines. Every teammate will be aware of not only their responsibilities, but also their peers’. This awareness will imminently speed the process of achieving goals and make your vision and plans even more concrete and actionable!  

Here are the top perks of our All-Tasks view:  

1. Two views – You can view tasks in a list or Kanban board. (“Kanban” is the Japanese word for “visual signal.”) Often our work is invisible and intangible. A Kanban board view of your tasks can help you, and your teams visualize work, limit work-in-progress tasks, and maximize efficiency.

2. Archive – Finished tasks will eventually start to pile up. Although it’s gratifying to see so many tasks marked as “Done,” it’s good to keep things spic and span. You can now get rid of the clutter without deleting tasks. Archive them and recover them at any point if you need to.

3. Keyboard editing – All keyboard masters out there, rejoice! You can edit effortlessly with just your keyboard by using the ‘Tab’ and ‘Enter’ buttons.

4. Free-floating tasks – Up until now, tasks could only be part of Objectives. You don’t have to attach them to an Objective anymore, which allows you to jot down every little and additional thing that you do.

5. Filters – What would we do without filters? Now you can see what’s relevant for you and filter by Owner or Task status.

Did we make your life more organized? And maybe help you improve your work-life balance? If not with this upgrade, perhaps with what’s about to follow. 

What’s coming your way?  

  • You will soon be able to undo ‘deletes’ of tasks for a restricted period of time.
  • Notifications are happening! Slack, Microsoft Teams – if someone assigns you a task or changes the task status, you will be instantly alerted. The smoother the collaboration, the more productive your team is going to be!
  • Did we hear Automation? Hooray!  Our brand-new automation workflows  will let you solve problems at scale with a common Trigger > Condition > Action paradigm. And with the introduction of generic tasks, Gtmhub lays the ground for process and compliance tasks set through Automation. For example, after setting up an automation workflow for yourself, you start creating your Objectives. However, you forget to add a description to one of your Objectives, and Gtmhub automatically assigns you the task “Add a description to your Objective.”  This tip will help you further improve your OKR setting process.

We hope you like what’s about to come soon. Our ultimate goal is to help you further bridge the chasm between strategy and execution and guide you in achieving your goals in the easiest way possible. We are planning to introduce even more upgrades when it comes to tasks, so that you will be able to enjoy a full-on task management system. 

For more detailed information on the features, refer to  our online knowledge base .