Establish best OKRs practices with Gtmhub

November 18, 20161 min read
OKR Practices

We are working closely with clients every single day and have a good insight into how OKRs are being implemented in real world, together with obstacles that are being faced. I’ve written about some of these obstacles in the post describing our experience with OKRs .

What we have seen time and time again, is that when just starting out people tend to get overzealous and define way too many objectives. Many times, there is also too many key results, which tend to skew the objective completion grade. To ease this process, we’ve released a small new feature which helps companies ensure best practices are being followed.



OKR methodology settings

OKR methodology settings


Now, it is possible to limit the number of objectives a person can define per planning session, as well as number of key results that can be attached to a given objective.

Software cannot magically make OKRs work for you, but it should make it simple.