3 Steps to improved performance and employee happiness

June 11, 20181 min read

Why engage Gtmhub? 

From my 1st day at Gtmhub, my personal objective has been to prove that it is possible to combine professional performance with personal happiness. For a long time, employees everywhere have sacrificed personal health, and happiness in favour of professional performance. This is no longer a requirement. Competitiveness, growth and long term survival depends on the creative output of employees. Empower employees to achieve objectives aligned with company goals, and their productivity will soar, and make them happier.


STEP 1 – Empower everyone to make decisions 

Give your employees the power to decide for themselves. Trust your team members to do their jobs autonomously and they will reward you with increased creativity, commitment and performance.

How does Gtmhub empower employees? 

  • Connect to any business system
  • Visualise metrics and KPIs
  • Share with relevant audience

STEP 2 – Set clear goals and align everyone 

Goal setting enables several important benefits, including clarity of purpose, motivation, persistence, and learning. Stretch goals lead to improved performance, backed by quantitative measurements.

How does Gtmhub align everyone behind what matters most? 

  • Set company goals, including automated measurement metrics.
  • Negotiate team and/or individual goals to align with company goals
  • Share company, team, and individual (subject to privacy controls) goals widely

STEP 3 – Embrace transparency about goals, metrics and actions 

Trust follows understanding and understanding comes from information and analysis. Eliminate the silos and encourage everyone to share their goals, metrics and actions.

How does Gtmhub help you embrace transparency? 

  • Goals – Define and share goals with the entire organisation (subject to privacy restrictions).
  • Metrics – Track metrics and share them as widely as possible (subject to compliance).
  • Actions – Define actions, establish conversations, collaborate easily

Let’s get you started 

Pick a pilot team of 100-200 people to validate the opportunity. Let us help you to establish a culture of employee empowerment, alignment, and transparency to drive company performance and employee happiness.

Request a consultation here:  https://gtmhub.com/demo