Dynamic filters in Gtmhub

September 4, 20171 min read

We have introduced a new powerful feature for dynamic key results in Gtmhub – dynamic filters.

So far, Gtmhub supported filters such as date range, list of options and so on. The problem, however, was that you had to predefine the values of these filters.

With new dynamic filters, you can use any data source as the source of possible options.

Use cases

There are many use cases where these new filters come in handy:

  • Filter Salesforce insights by the deal, region, sales representative etc
  • Filter JIRA insights by project, issue type, assignee etc
  • Create personalized insightboards for each employee or team

Moreover, you can bind filter to one data source and then use it on another one. For example, you could filter tickets in ZenDesk (insight) using account filter from Salesforce CRM (filter).

To learn more about new dynamic filters and how to create them, head over to our documentation.