Dreams with Deadlines

April 28, 20202 min read

*Listen to our podcast Dreams with Deadlines here

Do you believe in goal setting? We do. We think ambition is something that can be shared, calibrated, and nurtured. And clear and well-defined goals let you easily follow your strategic plan. But have you ever had trouble connecting your strategic priorities to daily activities? Almost everyone does. That’s why, we thought of a way to help and inspire you. Without further ado, please welcome… our new podcast !

Dreams with Deadlines is a podcast by the makers of Gtmhub. Every other week, you’ll hear stories from ambitious people who are trying to make a mark in the world with their teams. We’ll discuss things like the challenges of getting everyone engaged behind a shared sense of purpose, hard lessons learned while setting strategy, or what it takes to inch towards the ever-elusive organizational vision. 

If you’re a part of the Silicon Valley ecosystem, you’ve likely heard of OKRs, or Objectives and Key Results . This simple tool has transcended the boundaries of tech companies. Organizations of different shapes and sizes are using OKRs to reaffirm their mission and translate their strategy into something everyone can champion. Many of our show’s guests use OKRs to help their organizations align and focus on the most important things as they make their way towards achieving their goals. 

We all know there’s a big difference between setting goals and achieving them. We all have experienced goal-setting setbacks. We all have fallen short of the proverbial mark at some point or another. The thing about setting ambitious goals—ones that are worthy of a high-five from your most esteemed colleagues and friends—is that those who set them do so with a bit of trepidation. Why? Because there’s that chance, we won’t achieve the outcomes we want.  

In this podcast, you’ll hear about those stories too. We’ll examine other people’s journeys together. This is not one of those podcasts where you’ll listen to one success story after another. Oh no. You’ll hear about the other possibility—the failures. But, more importantly, you’ll discover what others have learned. Ultimately, that’s what goal setting is all about—to aim high, celebrate wins, learn, and keep going. Listen in as each guest shares their dreams with deadlines with us. 

Our new podcast launches next Tuesday, May 5th. Dreams with Deadlines will be available on all the major podcast platforms. Follow us on social media for the latest updates!

*Listen to our podcast Dreams with Deadlines here