Contributing ideas to the Gtmhub Marketplace

March 5, 20203 min read

“Ideas breed new ideas, and shared knowledge stays with the giver while it enriches the receiver …only new knowledge resources – ideas – have unlimited potential for growth”  (Davenport and Prusak, 1998)  

Shared knowledge

We entered a new era of knowledge not long ago. Big data, collaboration, sharing communities – we’re now enjoying a continuous flow of information, experiences and ideas across boundaries, space and time. Learning from others and, in turn, sharing what you have learned can push the limits of the imaginable and foster innovation. That’s right. Innovation doesn’t just happen in isolation, while you are sitting alone by yourself. Even Thomas Edison had a team! 

The importance of knowledge sharing should not be disregarded. It adds value to all areas of life. It doesn’t only accelerate change and advancement, but also brings you one step closer to innovativeness and creativity. Knowledge sharing actually enables you to leverage what others have figured out before you and cultivates growth and improvement. Sounds awesome, right?! 

Gtmhub Marketplace

We at Gmthub believe knowledge sharing does sound awesome. Building a community around a common purpose, where views and suggestions are freely circulating is something we’re going for. Especially when the purpose is staying true to your goals and achieving everything you’ve set out to do.

Our Marketplace allows us to do just that – support contribution of ideas in the name of progress.    

You know that earlier this year we introduced the industry-first Marketplace  to help you ‘quick-start’ and successfully maintain an OKR process at your organization. And you remember how we promised to open the platform to contributors? We did just that. 

Share your OKRs

Our Marketplace is now open to submissions from all Gtmhub users out there. Share your OKRs with us and you will actually participate in the building of the world’s largest library of OKRs for every industry, function and vertical. Exciting times ahead!  

Thinking twice about sharing your company OKRs? Well, here’s why you should get on board:   

1.  S ave yourself some time   

You will waste no time figuring out what to do as someone has already done it before you. Yes, you guessed right – speedy OKRs process taking place! Errors will be much less likely to occur – you can rely on others’ experiences and expertise and be aware of all blockages that might usually arise. Just as the saying goes “ Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself!”  

2.  Leverage expertise & know-how  

That’s the beauty of shared knowledge – you get to find inspiration in others’ competency and skill-savviness. Imagine a successful Marketing team creating powerful OKRs and sharing their magic, while so many are struggling to understand how marketing and OKRs go together. So, why hoard your expertise like a squirrel burying its nuts? We should all address and battle common challenges together. Two (or more) heads are always better than one!  

3.  Add to the community   

Communities are where effective knowledge sharing and collective collaboration thrive. It’s the place, where beautiful a network of like-minded individuals is forming. It’s where the feeling that you belong gives you a deeper satisfaction in life. 

Our steadily growing OKR community is where we can collaborate and give birth to new ideas, without spending precious time and efforts on gaining the basic knowledge. Our common problem-solving approach will minimize costly errors and spur overall progress. And such collective sharing ultimately leads to more creativity and innovativeness! 

4.  Innovat e  

Why reveal your OKRs to the world again? Sharing the secret ‘weapons’ we’re proud of does not lessen our efforts and achievements. On the contrary. It helps us breed innovative and creative thinkers. And both creativity and innovation are continuous processes that require an outpouring of ideas and information. Just imagine that you could be able to advance someone’s state-of-the-art way of completing Engineering goals. 

So, let’s see what we can achieve together!  

Feeling more convinced that you should contribute? Go to  our online knowledge base  to see exactly how to do that.  

What’s next?

  • Our next Marketplace feature will be about showing the name of the contributor, while keeping the option to share OKR examples in private. @OKR Consultants – this one is especially for you!
  • Remember our Insights? Except for benefitting from top-notch pre-configured Insights, you will soon be able to publish yours as well. Let’s take knowledge sharing to the next level!

Hope you like what you are hearing.  Stay tuned for further updates .