Connect your OKRs to live data coming from Chargebee

October 11, 20171 min read

Chargebee is a very popular SaaS billing service. Chargebee provides you with everything to manage subscriptions, recurring payments, invoicing and everything else related to SaaS billing.

Today, we have released a connector for Chargebee which allows you to create OKRs which are linked to live KPIs coming from Chargebee.

Use cases

OKRs related to business growth are very popular and Chargebee offers many metrics which can be used in these scenarios. Here are two sample OKRs, where key results could be automated from Chargebee metrics.

  • Objective: Turbocharge growth 
    • Key result #1: Achieve MoM MRR growth of 30% 
    • Key result #2: Increase Net New MRR by 50% 
    • Key result #3: Hit $56,000 MRR 
  • Objective: Implement successful land & expand strategy 
    • Key result #1: Increase expansion MRR by 25% 
    • Key result #2: Achieve negative churn of -60% 
    • Key result #3: Increase sales of add-ons by 30% 

You can find more about MRR and related metrics in our KPIs blog .


Chargebee metrics ready to be attached to OKRs

Chargebee metrics ready to be attached to OKRs



You can create dynamic key results related to subscriptions and customers. We have prepared a short article explaining how to connect Chargebee to your instance of Gtmhub .

If you have not yet build insights in Gtmhub, than this article is a great place to start: Creating Insights .

Finally, if you’d like us to show you how it works, sign up for a personal demo .