Bulk moving objectives between sessions

October 19, 20171 min read

Often, teams will have similar OKRs between quarters. A team may pursue same objectives for 2-3 quarters in a row and the only thing that changes is the KRs (key results).

At Gtmhub, we are providing the world’s simplest software for adopting and managing OKRs. To live up to this promise, often it comes down to provide our users with numerous small conveniences that make their lives simpler. One of these features is the newly released OKRs bulk manager.


Plan the next quarter by looking at the last quarter

A common use case is to start planning a next quarter by looking at the just completed quarter. Often, there are OKRs that we want to double-down on or, in other cases, OKRs which we didn’t quite achieve and we want to pursue them for another quarter.

In addition to the bulk move operations, the new bulk manager allows you to bulk delete OKRs.

What can you do with new OKRs bulk manager?

Bulk manager can be open from the OKRs screen by simple clicking on the bulk button.


Open OKRs bulk manager

Open OKRs bulk manager


From there, you can do following:

  • Move some OKRs from one session to another through drag and drop interface
  • Move all OKRs from one session to another
  • Search for particular OKRs in either of the sessions
  • Sort OKRs in either of the dession


At Gtmhub, we constantly remove the painful and boring parts of OKRs process in order to allow people to focus on achieving objectives and not get bogged down in the mechanics of the process itself.

With the OKRs bulk management, we’ve made yet another step towards making OKRs process simpler.