Be easily recognized with our Customizable team avatars

April 6, 20202 min read

Who you gonna call?

What do Ghostbusters and Star Wars have in common? Except for the massive success, of course. They give us serious squad goals! The Ghostbusters team and Star Wars’ Rebel Alliance are probably the most popular movie squads in pop culture. But what is that indispensable part of their camaraderie? The team symbol . By all means, the No-ghost sign and the Starbird create a sense of belonging and identification.

Real life is no different. Generally speaking, people need such symbols to represent themselves. That’s why the concept of the  avatar  (embodiment of a person or idea) evolved. As we started spending most of our time online, avatars became the necessary virtual asset. They are our digital representations or sometimes alter-egos. We use avatars in gaming, web forums, and other online communities. 

We also see avatars used in the business world. The avatar is the second means of identifying the team alongside its nickname. It lets business teams rally around a symbol that reveals something about who they are, what they do and why. The avatar visualizes the team mission – it’s probably not catching ghosts or killing bad guys in space, but it can still be a noble one. How amazing is that you can declare what your team is standing for with just one picture? Yes, it’s amazing. So, we did something about that.

Enter avatars

Gtmhub teams can now have their avatars. Yay! Administrators are enabled to add and customize avatars or upload pictures. The avatar can be an image, a photo of the team, caricature, themed – whatever the team agrees on. Think of avatars as a great way to create a team ‘brand’. Why use them? 

1.  Teams are  recognizable   

Teams will be easy to find and identify when they are using avatars in Gtmhub. Remembering a visual image is quicker and easier to recall than a name. This visual ultimately speeds your OKRs process – wasting less time figuring out who an objective or key result belongs to. You know how students in the 4 houses of Hogwarts easily recognized each other? This is something like that.  

2.  Customization is just nice    

Customization generally induces positive emotions – it allows the user to add a pinch of character to their online profile and have their imprint on it. Gtmhub teams will now be able to show a bit of individuality and visually illustrate their purpose.

3.  Creativity is fun  

Who doesn’t need a little bit of fun in their lives? We all do. So, coming up with cool creative team avatars can become part of the whole OKRs process. You can set a team avatar that reflects the most important goal for the given quarter. Fun, isn’t it? 

You want to change your team profile picture? See how to do that here

A lot more feature releases and improvements are coming your way! Keep an eye out !