Stay in control with real-time reports

Manage OKRs at scale with aggregated insights into performance, process and potential problems.

See the big picture

OKRs are very simple. Then again, nothing is simple at scale. Understand how many objectives your team is pursuing, how much time is left and what's your aggregated progress across the different teams and departments.

Manage by exception

It is said that one should focus only on things going really well and really bad - everything in between will take care of itself. In Gtmhub, you can list at any time all the key results that are not likely to be fulfilled as well as those that are doing really well. With this information at your fingertips you can always act in timely manner.

Drill-down into initiatives

Aggregate reports are great. What's even better is to be able to focus on certain areas or initiatives. If your overall progress is behind, you can then see if it's the product, sales, marketing or anything else that's causing problems.

Start driving performance with Gtmhub!