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Episode 27

Vessy Tasheva - Diversity & Inclusion Q&A

Vessy Tasheva
Vessy Tasheva
Founder, - Diversity & Inclusion and Mental Health Consultancy

Episode Notes

We were asked the following:

  • I had a man opt-out of our Diversity Advisory Council because of the literature required to read, which included critical race theory and LGBTQ+, due to his religious beliefs. How should I respond to him?
  • Are you seeing any discussion of universal design as part of D&I?
  • What do you think about colleges and universities having anti-racism statements and some are creating anti-racism training?
  • How do we make sure the nice things we discuss and the slogans we proudly recite don’t stay in the classroom and on the walls, but to really start live and breathe them?

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