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Episode 37

On uncertainty, randomness, and how OKRs are networks

Chris Butler
Chris Butler
Global Head of Product Operations at Cognizant

Episode Notes

Chris Butler is a Chaotic Good Product Manager, the Global Head of Product Operations at Cognizant, a writer, and a speaker. He worked previously as a product leader at Microsoft, Facebook, KAYAK, and Waze. Jenny and Chris discuss a broad range of topics including— the future of AI products, uncertainly, randomness, OKRs as networks and trojan horses, issues with hierarchies, and the adversarial mindset.

  • (0:00) Intro
  • (1:06) Chris’s career path
  • (2:50) Experience with OKRs
  • (4:40) Uncertainty and Randomness
  • (7:50) Ludum Dare game jam
  • (10:10) More variants create more possibilities
  • (14:50) Product Mindset and Adversarial Mindset
  • (21:08) Be good with uncertainty
  • (22:00) System boundary
  • (23:45) OKRs are networks
  • (27:20) Trojan horse for strategy
  • (29:54) KPIs
  • (33:40) Fog and friction
  • (36:42) Manufacturing Mindset
  • (41:56) When goals aren’t met
  • (48:48) Rapid questions
  • (55:58) Outro

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