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Episode 35

On aligning networks and strategy to drive change

Maya Townsend
Maya Townsend
Founder and Lead Consultant of Partnering Resources

Episode Notes

In this episode, I’m joined by Maya Townsend. Maya is the founder and lead consultant of Partnering Resources. Her practice is grounded in knowledge of organizational networks: the complex, interrelated, and often messy webs of relationships that drive all organizational activity. We discuss the value of organizational network analysis, the pros and cons of doing re-orgs, the power of critical connectors–Hubs, Gatekeepers and Pulsetakers, how leaders can use the network to align strategy, and more.

  • (0:00) Intro
  • (1:44) Conversation with Maya
  • (2:40) Informal network
  • (4:09) The 10-15%
  • (6:00) Three types, Hub
  • (7:18) Gatekeeper
  • (8:04) Pulsetaker
  • (12:58) Impacts of re-orgs
  • (15:18) Strategy implementation
  • (17:50) Toxic resistors
  • (22:30) Successful alignments of network and strategy
  • (27:30) Road to success full of trade-offs
  • (31:55) Leadership agendas
  • (35:30) Biggest insights from career
  • (46:34) Maya's dream
  • (47:24) Outro

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