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Episode 42

How to make hybrid work really work

Alexis Monville
Alexis Monville
Chief of Staff to the CTO at Red Hat, author, and keynote speaker

Episode Notes

Alexis is a firm believer that change starts with the self. He is the author of two books: Changing Your Team From The Inside and I am a Software Engineer and I am in Charge.

We discuss how they’re making hybrid work work at Red Hat. He shares a wonderful technique called impact mapping which he uses to facilitate OKR setting sessions. And Alexis shares an example of how incentive structures can reinforce collaborative behaviour.

“I bumped into so many issues trying to help people work with each other where the root cause were their individual incentives.” – Alexis (30:17)

What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • (01:27) A day in the life of Alexis Monville
  • (02:53) How Red Hat is supporting hybrid work
  • (08:09) Culture on a plate
  • (12:17) What is the most important thing right now?
  • (16:00) Impact mapping OKRs
  • (19:55) A not-so-great method to facilitate OKR creation
  • (27:05) Customers get the answer to their question in their first call, 80% of the time
  • (30:17) Individual incentives as the root cause of collaboration issues
  • (31:18) An example of incentivising sales teams to collaborate
  • (35:50) Quickfire questions

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