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Episode 11

Jobs to be Done with Alan Klement, Part 2

Alan Klement
Alan Klement
Owner of Revealed

Episode Notes

Sometimes you might have an amazing user-friendly product that constricts your environmental goals. But it is important to realize that environmental goals should be continually satisfied as the environment changes.

In this episode, Jenny continues her conversation with Alan Klement on the importance of having goals around your product as you put it out to the market. Alan is known for developing the theories of jobs to be done and market modernization and for inventing new methodologies and methods for engineering growth. His results include leading efforts to create award-winning products, increasing revenues by millions of dollars, bringing internal alignment through an entire organization, and stopping costly initiatives that would’ve wasted time and millions in R&D.

He is the owner of Revealed, a market research and growth guidance that helps organizations grow, align, and reveal market insights. He is the author of When Coffee and Kale Compete and is in the process of writing a follow-on book Jobs to be Done.

Listen in to understand why strategy is never static and should always be kept moving with the consumer just like their voices. You will also learn the process in which a consumer abandons one product to adopt another, factors they consider while doing so, and the strategy you need to target them with your product during this process.

“A goal is this thing that can be met but then the circumstances change it can be ‘unmet’.” – Alan Klement

  • (1:27) Intro
  • (2:34) The contributing factors that cause a consumer to abandon one product and adopt another- how the messaging is attached to the need
  • (7:04) Understand how your target consumer computes value by first understanding who your ideal customer profile is
  • (11:00) How to know consumers need threshold that leads them into switching to another product
  • (19:40) A growth concept. The two types of goals that a product person should know of; outcome goals and environmental goals plus the signals they look for when wanting to purchase a product
  • (31:15) The unregulated goal and how it is impacted by environmental goals
  • (34:26) The importance of enabling transparency to make the team feel more engaged and trust the environmental goals
  • (40:09) The two different evaluation- the user experience and environmental goals and how to balance the two
  • (47:07) How to recognize a strategy for getting target consumers through the process of choosing and adopting your product and building habits around that
  • (55:12) Learning how to shorten the feedback loops of responding to market changes and putting something back into the market

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