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Episode 29

What are you doing to make an impact?


Caroline Franczia

Founder of Uppercut First

Episode Notes

After working years in corporate America, startups, and scaleups, Caroline Franczia founded Uppercut First, a consultancy for startup founders. She’s a columnist for Maddyness UK, the author of Popcorn for the New CEO, an OKR expert, and an advocate for women. Her recent article, “I’ve never felt this awake”: Caroline Franczia on Thelma, Louise and inclusion is about her personal experience as a woman in tech. She believes diversity and inclusion needs to be baked into the business strategy. In order for employees to stick around, they need to feel a sense of purpose, ownership, and that they make an impact. In this episode, we chat about the ROI of closing the gender gap, using a Value Pyramid to set the foundation for company-level OKRs, and what makes OKR programs fail or succeed.

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